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To live them is to enjoy the highest Bliss in spiritual consciousness. They are dynamic song-thrills that spark out of the Bliss-centre. Even a song a day will do to elevate human life towards Divine transcendence.

Thayumanavar, is an out and out scripture for Saints and Yogins. It covers the entire field of Yoga and Jnana. It brings high solace to house-holders purifying their mind and heart.

It feeds the flames of inner communion in real Yogins. There is not a single Tamilian who does not sing Thayumanavar and find joy in it. Every home cherishes it. Every mother puts her child to bed with its sweet symphony. The hymns of Thayumanavar are sublime music of the Soul, the song of the inner Spirits, and sparks of Divine Essence.

It is very difficult to render them into another language. Any how I have ventured to do it during my silent hours of inner Communion with the immortal Spirit of the Saint. Now readers, imagine that the Saint is sitting in your heart while reading these rhythmic lines in deep ingathered tranquillity. They will exalt your thoughts and emotions to Supernal heights of peace and bliss.

More Info. Natarajan of Chennai Madras , India


Sri Thayumanavar Padalgal Antaryogam

Thayumanavar articulated the Saiva Siddhanta philosophy. He wrote several Tamil hymns of which are available. His first four songs were sung years ago at the Congress of Religions in Trichirappalli. His poems follow his own mystical experience, but they also outline the philosophy of South Indian Hinduism, and the Tirumandiram by Saint Tirumular in its highest form, one that is at once devotional and nondual, one that sees God as both immanent and transcendent. Thayumanavar's key teaching is to discipline the mind, control desires and meditate peacefully. He went on to say that "it is easy to control an elephant, catch hold of the tiger's tail, grab the snake and dance, dictate the angels, transmigrate into another body, walk on water or sit on the sea; but it is more difficult to control the mind and remain quiet". Thayumanavar was a respected scholar in Tamil.




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