August The SPX is a positive voltage regulator. In addition, this device offers a very low. SPX has an initial tolerance of less than. When disabled, power.

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The SPX is a positive voltage regulator with a low dropout voltage and low noise output. When disabled, power consumption drops to nearly zero. Other key features include reverse battery protection, current limit and thermal shutdown. The SPX includes a reference bypass pin for optimal low noise output performance. With its very low output temperature coefficient, this device also makes a superior low power voltage reference.

The SPX is an excellent choice for use in battery powered applications such as cordless telephones, radio control systems and portable computers. It is available in several fixed output voltage options or with an adjustable output voltage. Search our list of FAQs for answers to common technical questions. For material content, environmental, quality and reliability questions review the Quality tab or visit our Quality page.

For ordering information and general customer service visit our Contact Us page. In this example, we looked for XRA Click on part number header or on the link at the bottom of the result. This brings you to the product page. For example:. The screen changes to:. A legend tells you the definition of the different statuses.

Type the part into the search, and click on one of the part numbers from the drop down menu. Then you can look for the Product Discontinuation Notice, which generally is at the top of the list, for example:. If you see this, it tells you that this particular orderable part has been discontinued and when the last order date is, or was. If you click on the file, then you can view the notice we sent about this if you purchased the part in the recent past. It may also advise of a replacement part.

When an orderable part first becomes discontinued, Product Discontinuation Notices are sent are sent to those who have purchased the parts in the recent past, if purchased directly, with a dated opportunity to place a last order. MaxLinear Inc. The entire risk as to quality and performance is with the User. Further, MaxLinear reserves the right to make changes without notice to improve reliability, function or design. MaxLinear does not convey any license under patent rights or any other intellectual property rights, including those of third parties.

Knowledgebase FAQs Search our knowledgebase of technical and customer support questions. Cross Reference Search. Description The SPX is a positive voltage regulator with a low dropout voltage and low noise output. EOL End of Life - the part is no longer being manufactured, there may or may not be inventory still in stock.

CF Contact Factory - the part is still active but customers should check with the factory for availability. Longer lead-times may apply. PRE Pre-introduction - the part has not been introduced or the part number is an early version available for sample only. OBS Obsolete - the part is no longer being manufactured and may not be ordered. Additional Quality Documentation may be available, please Contact Support. Addendum: Remove SOT parts from affected products list. Addition of JCET for assembly using copper wire or gold wire bonding and standard reel quantity changing from to pieces.

Material change and alternate assembly site. Material Change. Material change and alternate assembly supplier qualified. To improve product traceability. Enhance packages to be Green halogen-free. See attached Product List Power Management and Interface products as listed are being transfer to external wafer foundry, due to cessation of operations of the sipex Hillview Fabrication manufacturing site.

Support Search our list of FAQs for answers to common technical questions. Frequently Asked Questions Search. With a 6V input, will the part even get warm? How about with a 12V input? The SPX data sheet contains a graph of ground current vs load current for your review.

Customer bench testing is strongly recommended using intended application circuit to ensure proper operation. Is there any practical limit to how much capacitance is used on the input or output of the SPX?

Input and output capacitance may be increased without limit. It would appear from the SPX data sheet that increasing the Bypass capacitor above 0. If the bypass pin is to be used, a 10nF ceramic capacitor is suggested. The only concern with the bypass feature is that startup time is increased. If startup time is a concern then the bypass pin should be kept open. Different values of bypass capacitors will result in different startup times.

If so, should a large electrolytic be employed on the output? This is a little difficult to answer without knowing how the LED will be modulated. If the enable input is used for modulation it is possible that the device may not react fast enough to provide an output. This is very true if the Bypass pin is used. If the output load exceeds the current limit trip point, then the output will be turned off to protect the device.

However if the output is always on and modulation is done with some external circuitry, then adding extra capacitance to the output could satisfy the current demand of the LED so as not to cause current limit activation. The best way to determine this is to go to maxlinear. At or near the top of the results you should see something that looks like:. And then Product Change Notifications:. Can ceramic capacitors be used on the output of the SPX?

Ceramic capacitors may be used for this part. A big high voltage electrolytic on the input or a smaller, low voltage ceramic on the output? Or, a combination of both? A small common mode choke would be best for filtering this ripple.

The datasheet does not state that this device is operable in a pre-biased output condition; therefore, leakage may occur. If the 3V battery pack was connected to the input of the SPX, what would the output voltage be with a mA load? If the input voltage is above dropout voltage then the part will regulate for the entire output current range up to mA. Is there a simple way to figure out heat loss for an LDO? For further study, this spreadsheet is mentioned in the following helpful application note: ANP, Thermal Considerations for Linear Regulators.

Purchase Parts. I agree I disagree. Additional Documentation. Request Access Cancel. All Rights Reserved. Dimensions: mm Length: 2 Width: 3 Thickness: 1. Dimensions: mm Length: 4. Dimensions: mm Length: 6. Dimensions: mm Length: 2. Dimensions: inch Length: 0. DFN8 2x3. Alternate Assembly Site. Addition of an alternate qualified assembly site, UTAC Thailand, for assembly using copper or gold wire bonding.

Addition of an alternate qualified assembly supplier, Carsem Malaysia for SOT23 package using copper wire bonding. Announcing the re-activation of previously announced discontinued products The previously announced discontinued products listed above are being re-activated due to continuing Customer demand. Announcing transfer of certain Power Management and Interface Products from Hillview fabrication and facility to wafer foundary Silan.


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