The whole of the Rudram is divided into eleven anuvakas; each anuvaka could be either downloaded in mp3 version or pdf version or learned online with the help of a flash plug-in available for free download in the Adobe website. Also the pdf files in this website needs Adobe Reader 9. You may download the latest version from the Adobe Website. Please be advised that, while you are permitted to download or print tutorials from our website for your personal non-commercial learning, any further copies of these pages saved to the disk or to any other storage medium may only be used for subsequent viewing purposes or to print extracts for personal use. We request you to post your valuable suggestions and feedback to: enquiry sssbpt.

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A simple and nice explanation! Thanks for an amazingly insightful description! It keeps playing in my mind as a background score throughout the day! Sure will do — can you recommend a good one where the diction is clear and the metre is rhythmic.

Rudram on the Sattva App available both for android as well as Iphone is a very nice place to listen to chants. I used to be a non-believer not too long ago. But my quest for knowing more lead me to spirituality and ultimately Rudram. I am still reciting it with an audio and reading from a print out. I recite once a day Namakam and Camakam and somedays I also listen in the car.

And my life has taken a very positive turn recently. Thanks to your article and wish all the readers happiness. Om Nama Shivayah! Thanks once again! Thanks for this meaningful explanation. Please add all this explanation in you-tube along reciting methods, proper pronunciation and timings. Thank you for this beautiful explanation. But However my husband says that I should not listen to Rudram or any part of Veda. I am just listening to Rudram not saying it.

Is it ok for a female to listen to it??? Kindly answer my question. Not to nitpick, the Aryan Invasion theory is a myth, so the term Vedic Aryan is a misnomer. Yet why still Rudram and similar Vedic chants are restricted to a few who have become Brahmana-s by mere birth?

Today Varna Ashrama dharma has no relevance in the society as knowledge is open to all. There are Brahmins who have, by acquiring more and more Rajoguna and Tamoguna, stooped to the level of worst Sudra-s and also there are Sudra-s who have raised themselves in Satvaguna, by proper study and learning.

My view is Simple — your caste is defined by your knowledge and the work you do — not by birth. That is the way it was in the Vedic days. Over the years it has become a right by birth giving rise to the notorious caste system. Today women chant Gayatri Mantra and Mrityunjay Mantra — it is perfect fine for anyone with devotion and faith to chant the Vedic Mantras.

Not sure — but I have been chanting the Mrityunjay mantra times in the correct metre Follow Challikere Brothers Chanting and it is making me feel very strong and immune to infections. Hi , this page is very nice. Thanks for giving some details. Can u give an advice to me plz….. I dont chant — but check out Chellikere Brothers — their chanting of Mantras is normally the best.

Thanks alot for sharing this valuable information,,,,but i want to know one thing that as i cannot chant it correctly,,,only listening to it and repeating in mind gives the same effect as its actual chant. Anything done with devotion helps — I also listen to many of the ancient Vedic mantras that I find difficult to memorise or chant. Do you know about the difference in the Krishna and Shukla systems of chanting the Rudra? I was soundly scolded for this by a priest at Badrinath. The version I have seems to have lesser verses than the North Indian version… confused.

Excellent app for learning Sri Rudram, you can try the below app but at least once you practice or take help from any guru. It is not a myth. We need to change this prespective. Follow Me! A trip to the Himalayas has been on my agenda for a long time.

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This month I complete 20 years of Corporate Life. I started working in Please note : Change is part of the process at Tirupathi - so information shared here may change. Will try and keep updated as frequently as I can - This. An Apple a day keeps the doctor away.

We all grew up with this age old adage. Its indeed True - most nutrition consultants will advice that an Apple is the ideal. Its our 66th Independence Day.

The ladies in our building put together a nice 1 hr program to celebrate the occasion. The kids had to sing " Sare Jahan Se. Skip to content. Who is Rudra? He finds mention in the Rig Veda but there is a detailed section in praise of Rudra in the Yajur Veda.

They are not two, but one. He has two forms; one terrible, the other auspicious. What is the significance of Sri Rudram? The purpose of this magnificent hymn is to set aside once and for all, the extra-cosmic notion of God that people sometimes entertain in their religious fervour, and to instil into the minds of people the greater, profounder knowledge of the fact that God is not merely the creative extra-cosmic Parent of the Universe, but He is also immanent in every particle, in every speck of space, in every unit of time, in every nook and corner, in every particle of creation.

A very intriguing aspect of God present in this wondrous hymn is that God is existing in both the aspects; the good and the bad, the beautiful and the ugly, the right and the wrong, the positive and the negative, the high and the low, the conceivable and the inconceivable, mortality and immortality, existence and non-existence.

It is considered as the only hymn of its kind in the religious literature of the entire world which focuses on the idea of God, not only associated with the ideas of pleasant and good, but also with the idea of dreadful and destructive ; that the God permeates everything in manifestation, including aspects deemed not ethical by the purists and fault-finders. How much time does it take to Chant the Rudram? And why are there 11 priests involved in the chanting? The typical time to chant the Sri Rudram both Namakam and Chamakam is about 40 mins.

Rudram is the most sacred means of worshipping Lord Siva. Therefore, Athirudram is the highest form of worship of Lord Shiva. The Sri Rudram has 11 anuvakas of Namakam and 11 anuvakas of Chamakam. Eleven recitations of Rudram followed by one recitation of Chamakam is called Ekadasa Rudram. This constitutes one unit of Rudra Homam. Eleven rounds of Ekadasa Rudram makes one Laghu Rudram.

Eleven Laghu Rudra chartings make one Maharudram and eleven Maharudram recitations is the Athirudram. Thus in the Athirudra Mahayagnam, the Srirudram hymn is chanted in all 14, times by Ritwiks in 11 days with the performance of rudra Homams simultaneously. The number 11 has a big significance in propitiating Lord Siva. Why is Rudram Chanted at Sathabhishekam functions?

Man, according to Vedantha and Yoga philosophies, is charged with a spark of the universal soul. Therefore, such functions are conducted to worship the atman residing in him so that he can unite with it ultimately.

Lord Shiva who is easy to please is also the embodiment of time and Rudram is chanted as an expression of gratitude for the long life granted and also to seek the ultimate boon of immortality.

What is the benefit of listening to Rudram Chamakam? A devout listener and seeker of Rudram Chamakam is blessed with both worldly and spiritual benefits such as good health, peace of mind and pure joy.

Slowly and steadily it draws the listener to spirituality in the quest of the truth behind human existence. For a simple explanation on the Gayatri Mantra check out. Like this: Like Loading


Rudram English Translation

You could read the Rudram Chamakam in Sanskrit script or Transliterated format Note from translator: What follows is the Rudra prasnam and Chamaka prasnam transliterated into English and followed by a translation in English. Care has been taken to make the English translation simple and in a form which can be chanted. The readers are cautioned that the transliteration has been given only to identify the anuvaakas and sukthaas and not for chanting. This is because Sanskrit is a very complicated language and a least phonetic language like English cannot bring out the nuances in actual chanting of this majestic and mellifluous prayer. Not being a Sanskrit scholar but one who depends upon other available translations mainly in Tamil and Malayalam, I crave your pardon for errors if any that I have committed. Salutations to your bow and also to your both arms. Vrukshobhyo , harikeshabhya , pasunaam pathaye namo nama.


It comprises two parts, the Namakam and Chamakam. The text is important in Shaivism where Shiva is viewed as the ultimate God. The hymn is an early example of enumerating the names of a deity. It also contains the mantra Aum namah bhagavate rudraya and the Mahamrityunjaya Mantra. Additionally, the devotee asks for the benevolent aspect of Shiva to be invoked rather in the terrible aspect of Rudra and requests for forgiveness of sins. The Chamakam chapter seven asks for the fulfillment of wishes. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


A simple and nice explanation! Thanks for an amazingly insightful description! It keeps playing in my mind as a background score throughout the day! Sure will do — can you recommend a good one where the diction is clear and the metre is rhythmic. Rudram on the Sattva App available both for android as well as Iphone is a very nice place to listen to chants. I used to be a non-believer not too long ago.

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