Kameez is a traditional costume of Punjab. It is used along with Salwar , Churidar or denim pants. The neckline can be shaped according to fashion. This garment is basically cut into three pieces, the front, back and sleeve. Darts are used to give fit or shape to the garment.

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Kameez is a traditional costume of Punjab. It is used along with Salwar , Churidar or denim pants. The neckline can be shaped according to fashion. This garment is basically cut into three pieces, the front, back and sleeve. Darts are used to give fit or shape to the garment. The construction of this tutorial may look long but it is very easy, just follow the instructions and you will end up with your own Kameez top.

Place the neck facing rectangular pieces for the front and back Kameez pieces respectively. Make sure that the right sides are together. Cut the excess of facing pieces and make notches on seam. Then turn right sides out and press. Give topstitch at neckline. Place Kameez front and back pieces by facing right sides together and sew along the shoulder line to joint the two Kameez pieces together. Place the Sleeves right side on the top of Kameez armhole area respectively.

Then sew along the slit opening of both sides. Press with iron. Then sew along the edge of first fold on hemline. I am always thinking about the wasted materials Whenever I crossed the tailor shops I felt bad.. I always mentioned to use the leftover materials to use small pouch, handbag, little girls dress, small accessories Now that experience took me to the next level.. Here I'm going to share my experience to all of u through these tutorials.

Thank you very much for salwar kameez cutting.. Pls teach us different types of neck pattern also. Am slightly fatter on stomach not much how much loose to measure kameez length is 40 have to take correct measurement. If cloth is folded in 4 layers then how to take measurements separately measures will be same right. Realy it is easy for the beginners.

Thanks for giving this. Thank u mam. My middle portion is very broad. So as u hav told, wearing a Patiala will make me look slimmer? How long the kameez should be. If u choose kameez…Plz remember the following points. It should be. Keerti,let me thank u in the first place for ur reply. Shall I know what is narrow salwar or cigarette pants?

Cigarette cut pant. Hi Keerthi, Excellent tutorial. If you do so, please add me ti the list to buy. Good morning.. Beena Mam… Long kurtas suits well. But U can wear above knee length kameez with narrow salwar and knee length with cigarette cut pant.

Hello, Pls can u explain Where did -x come from And also the cutting line formula. Cutting line instruction shows where should we cut this pattern. Hi Keerti Pls give me a solution for front neck moving upwards, tried many ways but it is not satisfying. Its really appreciated, answers for my doubts. Another problem s why my front shoulder and neck are going backward when i wear kurta. Please suggest a solution. Seam allowances not included in draft details.

There is detailed seam allowance seperately. Hi Keerthi, Glad to see people like you helping novices like us. I was in search of detailed Kurtha making lesson and found yours blog interesting.

Keep on the good work! Lovely tutorial. Please help. Thanks in advance. Hi mam, I have stitched 2 salwar khameez.. How to take arm hole depth. Pl help. It came good except for the centre dart. Hi mam ur tutorial is good for beginners, I sew Chudi after stitching I face a problem that in my Chudi folded lines appear near waist at back side, how to correct it. Can you help me out? That was a perfect guide. Thank You. What happens to the front piece in case of maternity size? Do let me know.

Hi While searching trendy neckline cutting For kurti seen ur useful tutorial. Please give different neckline cutting and sewing. I have been facing some problem in armhole depth and its measurement when the front neck and back neck is deep.

Please clarify my doubt; here the round bust not chest, please make sure if for chest line chest round needs to be taken measurement is Do u give curve line for front armhole part in sleeve… if the excess fabric in sleeve.. Happy sewing. Thanks dear Kirthi. I am a man of 51 years, a food and dairy technologist and got interested in stitching for myself and my daughter and wife during my leisure. Your tips for salvar kurta are very easy to follow and taking this learning to appease my near ones.

Hai mam, my daughter is 12 yes old. She is very thin. Now a days churidars and tops are not suit for her. If she wear leggings or jean her leg is like a stick I feel very bad for that but she looks good. Pls tell me mam. Recent days I m very upset about this. I will wait for ur reply. Hi jeevitha.. Mam,you made an impossible possible to me in the matter of front and back sleev cutting.

Thank u so much. To add s. Thanks to mention that.. I hope u understand.. Happy sewing.. Hello Keerthi it was very easy to understand the cutting pattern I am eagerly waiting for your next pattern I will be. You teach. ME frock with Peter pan collar. Am getting very excited and it seems very interesting to go through your tutorials.

Wonderful job! You can see dart details in circular Anarkali and Lehenga choli Tutorial. Hi Madam can u tell arm hole marking and cutting for sleeve and sleeveless top. Also do we need to give front sleeve shape to attach sleeves for readymade dress. Jessy…Front arm hole and front sleeve Shape must for any of the dresses for perfect fit and free arm movement. Hi mam i want to learn stitching.

Kavita… Pls refer construction details again..


Straight Kameez Cutting-Sewing Tutorial

A Salwar Kameez dates back to the Romans. Look at this article to see which neck line suits you. Then remove the back bodice, the one without any markings and keep it aside. On the top piece you have now, with all the markings you have made, you should continue to make the front pattern — if you find my instructions confusing do whatever you want to do. Mark A-E which is the armhole depth Mark 7.


Punjabi Dress Drafting and Cutting


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