Post a Comment. Two persons Shantiveer kaul and Shailesh Mota. Add to this, he appears to be retaining a lot as well. I treat him as an encyclopedia on Urdu , Hindi , English and kashmiri literature. I am surprised about Shailesh Mota.

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But in that, I have been disappointed. You seem unwilling to move beyond where you are stuck. Later, he came back to Hathras and lived out his life there. Hathrasi was honoured with the Padma Shri in for his contributions to Hindi literature. Kaka Hathrasi was also an accomplished painter. His humour is unsparing, but never acerbic. His poetry looks at politics, social ills, the pomposity of the cultural elite, the everyday struggles of middle-class life with the same razor-sharp, but good-natured gaze.

Apart from satire, Hathrasi also wrote purely fun poems that are unpretentious, accessible, and hilarious. He founded a whole new genre of humour-writing, which authors since then have tried to emulate. Hathrasi, of course, was not trying to insult Lord Shiva.

Hathrasi made it a point to keep his works accessible. A measure of this is that his works were as popular among listeners as readers.

He was a great reciter, his humour was often directed at himself, and at other contemporary poets. Hathrasi kept a full beard, and joked that the secret to Suryakant Tripathi Nirala and Rabindranath Tagore becoming great poets was their impressive facial foliage.

Once, while looking for hotels in Mussoorie, a rickshawallah offered to get him free rooms in a mosque. Oh rickshawallah, what are these words, you think are Muslim, all men with beards? In , Kaka Hathrasi started Garg and Co. This was later renamed Sangeet Karyalaya, which is still active.

It was the time of the British Raj, and Indian Music lay far away from the masses, closeted in palaces and temples, with access limited only to the rich and affluent. The wisdom accumulated through centuries of deep learning and evolution lay locked in books far beyond the reach of the common man, in the libraries of the nobility. He wrote of issues that resonated with the masses, in a language they understood.

He made them laugh, but he also made them think, and question. His simple language did not take away from his literary excellence, in fact, it added to it. However, the poem Modi has quoted this time is a satire on people choosing the wrong ways to raise their standards.

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Kaka Hathrasi

Hathrasi was born as Prabhu Lal Garg. He wrote under the pen name Kaka Hathrasi. He chose "Kaka", as he played the character in a play which made him popular, and "Hathrasi" after the name of his hometown Hathras. He has 42 works to his credit, comprising a collection of humorous and satirical poems, prose and plays published by various publishers. In , he established Sangeet Karyalaya initially Garg and Co.


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Explained: Who was Kaka Hathrasi, the poet PM Modi quoted in Parliament




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