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Through its proven methodology that entails "thinking" then "observing and inferring" and finally "confirming," the program skillfully encourages students to discover for themselves how the language works. Students move rapidly through the material, developing these essential critical-thinking skills and uncovering the multiple layers of meaning. What they acquire in this manner is stored in long-term memory, facilitating a faster development of proficiency.

The fifth edition offers seven new high-interest readings based on careful consideration of reviewer feedback. A new Culture Portfolio section, Bloguez! By the use of familiar online or offline tools, students are encouraged to communicate between each others, leveraging the technical and cultural inputs they acquire through each chapter. At age sixteen, she was National Champion of France in the long jump.

She went on to attend the University of Rennes and came to the United States to perfect her English and attend graduate school. She ended up getting married and staying! She has been on the faculty at Brigham Young University since and has earned many teaching awards. The latest is a distinguished University Professorship She currently directs first-year French courses and trains and supervises a team of fifteen to eighteen student instructors each semester.

Her speaking engagements have included keynote addresses at major conferences from Salem, Oregon, to Bangkok, Thailand. Elaine M. Phillips has an M. Her career in foreign language education spans more than thirty years including teaching French in an American high school in Germany and in college and junior college in Texas.

She also supervised and taught methods courses for student teachers and graduate courses in Foreign Language Education at UT Austin. Her previous experience as director of the LOTE Center for Educator Development focused on foreign language standards implementation and professional development for in-service teachers. Phillips is currently a language education and evaluation consultant. Scope and Sequence. To the Student. Note culturelle: Tu ou vous?

Structures: Identifying people and things; Qu'est-ce que c'est? Prononciation: Les consonnes finales et la liaison. Structure: Stating nationality and profession; Le genre et le nombre. Prononciation: Le rythme et l'accentuation.

Structure: Describing personality traits; L'accord des adjectifs. Lecture: Le petit Nicolas est malade. Strategies: Keeping purpose in mind; Avoiding repetition.

Prononciation: Le son r. Vocabulaire: La famille. Structure: Expressing ownership; Les adjectifs possessifs. Note culturelle: Des questions personnelles. Lecture: Les loisirs et la famille. Structure: Talking about leisure activities; Les verbes en —er. Structure: Asking about people and things; Les pronoms interrogatifs.

Prononciation: L'intonation. Structures: Discussing age and appearance; Le verbe avoir; L'adjectif interrogatif quel. Strategies: Visualizing relationships; Contrasting. Notes culturelles: Les W. Prononciation: Les voyelles nasales. Vocabulaire: Les meubles et les objets personnels. Structure: Asking information questions; Les adverbes interrogatifs. Lecture: Ma maison, mon paradis. Note culturelle: Le logement et la ville; Les banlieues.

Vocabulaire: Les nombres. Prononciation: Les sons [u] et [y]. Structure: Getting around town; Le verbe aller et les contractions. Structure: Saying what you're going to do; Le futur proche. Structure: Talking about course schedules; L'heure. Note culturelle: L'art de la conversation.

Structure: Talking about activities; Le verbe faire. Structure: Saying what you can and want to do; Les verbes pouvoir et vouloir.

Structure: Discussing your classes; Les verbes prendre, apprendre et comprendre. Notes culturelles: Les boissons; Les repas. Prononciation: Le e caduc. Vocabulaire: Pour commander au restaurant. Structures: Discussing food and drink; Le verbe boire; Les articles partitifs.

Note culturelle: Le grignotage. Structure: Describing eating and drinking preferences; Les expressions ne… plus; ne… jamais; ne… que. Structure: Comparing eating and drinking habits; Le comparatif. Prononciation: Les articles et l'articulation. Strategies: Anticipating readers' questions; Organizing a narrative. Prononciation: Les sons [o] et [ ]. Vocabulaire: Le temps et les saisons.

Note culturelle: Passe-temps contemporains. Structure: Avoiding repetition; Les pronoms d'objet direct. L'influence du temps. Prononciation: Les consonnes s et c. Note culturelle: Zinedine Zidane; Justine Henin. Structure: Talking about choices; Les verbes comme choisir. Strategies: Taking a point of view; Expressing time. All supplements have been updated in coordination with the Main title.

Please see Main title page for new to this edition information. This valuable resource provides you with tips on how to bring students from partial to full control of intermediate speaking functions.

Filmed on location in the streets of Aix-en-Provence and other parts of France, each module features recurring characters in a situational segment and live interviews with Francophone speakers. This ancillary provides the answers to the Student Activities Manual and includes the audio script. The text's new Premium Website is your one-stop portal to an online suite of digital resources.

Students have complimentary access to the complete in-text audio program, auto-graded vocabulary and grammar quizzes, cultural Web search activities, Google Earth coordinates, iTunes playlist, and Web links. Those resources include the complete SAM audio program, the complete video program, audio-enhanced flashcards, vocabulary and grammar podcasts and over thirty grammar tutorial videos.

The text's Premium Web site is your one-stop portal to an online suite of digital resources. You will have access to the complete in-text audio program, the complete SAM audio program, the complete video program, and flash-based grammar tutorial videos.

Thompson Elaine M. Carefully selected real-world listening and reading materials are used as an entry point into the French language. Through a hierarchy of tasks, students develop strategies that enable them to process this input successfully, which serves as a natural stage for the introduction of vocabulary, grammar, culture, and the practice of language functions. Task-based practice features carefully crafted activities that develop students' critical-thinking skills.

The dynamic audio- and video-enhanced learning environment includes an audio-enhanced eBook with integrated activities, companion videos, an interactive voiceboard, an online workbook and lab manual with audio, interactive enrichment activities, a class blog, diagnostic activities that generate a personalized study plan for each student, and access to a variety of online tutorial services. Reviews "The models for structures are very clear and there is an abundance of exercises where students can practice, ranging from drill type exercises to more open ended activities.

About the Author Chantal P. Phillips Elaine M. Table of Contents Scope and Sequence. Cultural content has been updated; it is more contemporary, and it expands into a variety of Francophone cultures. A new "Culture Portfolio" section, Bloguez! In the textbook, students are given prompts and suggestions for topics to include in their personalized cultural portfolio.

The "Share It! The complete set of video activities is now featured in the lab manual portion of the Student Activities Manual and on the iLrn Heinle Learning Center. Revisions to the listening passages reflect the current day realities of the Francophone world. Supplements All supplements have been updated in coordination with the Main title.



Buy now. Delivery included to Germany. Due to the Covid pandemic, our despatch and delivery times are taking a little longer than normal. Read more here. Includes delivery to Germany. Check for new and used marketplace copies. Through its proven methodology that entails "thinking" then "observing and inferring" and finally "confirming," the program skillfully encourages students to discover for themselves how the language works.


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Mais Oui! Boston: Houghton Mifflin. Student Activities Manual 5th edition. French is an approximately hour course in elementary French.

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