We'd like to understand how you use our websites in order to improve them. Register your interest. Macrotransport processes generalized Taylor dispersion phenomena constitute coarse-grained descriptions of comparable convective-diffusive-reactive microtransport processes, the latter supposed governed by microscale linear constitutive equations and boundary conditions, but characterized by spatially nonuniform phenomenological coefficients. A series of elementary generalizations of this prototype problem to chromatographic-like solute transport processes in tubes is used to illustrate some novel statistical-physical features. These examples emphasize the fact that a solute molecule may, on average, move axially down the tube at a different mean velocity either larger or smaller than that of a solvent molecule.

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Macrotransport Processes

This unique book, the first published on the subject, provides an introduction to the theory of macrotransport processes, a comprehensive effective-medium theory of transport phenomena in heterogeneous systems. The text begins with a relatively simple approach to the basic theory before turning to a more formal theoretical treatment which is extended in scope in each successive chapter. Many detailed examples, as well as questions appearing at the end of each chapter, are included to demonstrate the practical implementation of the theory. Macrotransport Processes is aimed at an audience already familiar with conventional theories of transport phenomena. This audience especially includes graduate students in chemical, mechanical, and civil engineering departments, as well as applied mathematicians, biomechanicists, and soil physics, particularly those with interests in problems of flow and dispersion in porous media. Introduction to Macrotransport processes; Unidirectional dispersion of a nonreactive solute; Dispersion of nonreactive solutes in continuous media; Dispersion of nonreactive solutes in discontinuous media; Surface and interfacial transport process; Time periodic process; Direct hydrodynamic coupling; Chemically reactive systems; Examples of dispersion analyses for spatially periodic systems; Energy dispersion; Momentum dispersion; Derivation of the Smoluchowski equation via macrotransport theory; The langevin approach to macrotransport processes.



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