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Building on customer-centric innovation and engineering excellence, we collaborate with customers to deliver creative, flexible and responsible solutions that enable them to sell more products, more efficiently and more responsibly. Kulthorn is a leading manufacturer of efficient, durable reciprocating compressors, condensing units, and motors serving the refrigeration, air conditioning and ventilation industry.

Strategy, Revenue, Growth, Expansion. As CEO, chief procurement officer, director of global supply chain, purchasing director or other business leader, partnering with Unada for integrated supply, engineering and product development services, you can direct your focus toward these big picture issues, knowing our goals are your objectives. Sourcing managers all engage in a never-ending quest to maintain production schedules and contain costs through strategic purchasing and responsive supplier partners.

You need help. But who can you depend on to fully understand your commitment to engineering and manufacturing excellence?

Someone who knows the importance of combining old-fashioned ingenuity with the productivity-enhancing tools of technology?

The only all-in-one solution for your refrigeration fan motors. Innovative, reliable and highly efficient reciprocating compressors used for the light commercial and residential refrigeration applications. Combining the latest compressor and EC motor technology with precise refrigerant, horsepower, and temperature control? These EC motors offer significant advantages over the shaded pole Q-frame units they are built to replace.

Perfect for bottle coolers, food-service cabinets, display cases and other refrigerated modules, they work efficiently and can last up to 10 years. Kulthorn offers EC motors with up to 70 watts in capacity, capable of driving 6-inch to inch fan blades. Kulthorn compressors incorporate compact design and rigorous duty cycles, making them ideal for heavy duty operation and confined spaces. Among the most efficient on the market; utra-low global warming potential GWP ; reliable performance; durability.

Up to 30 percent more energy efficient than the industry standard; variable-speed fan motor; large condenser coils; innovative fan blade design. With your unique requirements at the forefront, we can then design compressors for specific applications, taking an iterative approach to achieve elegant design, smooth operation, and efficient production. With a deep-rooted understanding of customer desires, Kulthorn builds customized solutions inspired by specific, real-world challenges.

Not only are our components economical to purchase, but they also save you money on operation. We listen to the customer, creating user stories that improve our product development process to meet an ever-changing marketplace. This process gives us the engineering control and flexibility we need to cut development lead times and deliver the products our customers want.

Take the stress out of demand forecasting! We both benefit. Put the power of Kulthorn to work for you. They give us support at every step of the manufacturing process. Thanks to switching to KK. Access to our product information here. What we do. Business Leaders. Sourcing Managers. Find your way to our products Complete Refrigeration Solutions. Reciprocating Hermetic Compressor. Condensing Unit. The Kulthorn Advantage. Engineering Technical Support. Strategic Alliance.

Thousands of customers in over 75 countries are growing their business with Kulthorn. Start growing with Kulthorn today! Set An Appointment. What people are saying?


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The company produces motor compressor by his own technology under the international management systems. The company aim to be the leader of ASEAN motor compressor manufacturer with the high quality products, on time delivery and competitive price. And also the company has continued to increase production capacity and develop new models to serve the market expansion and its requirement in ASEAN, China , Middle East , Australia , U. The Company also produces Condensing Unit which is the component of refrigeration products, electrical motor parts, and other motor compressor parts. The Company and other investors invested and established 6 new companies to produce major parts and raw materials of compressor to replace the import and local purchasing in order to reduce the production costs and to improve product quality, and aim to be the leader in the motor compressor business in ASEAN.


Coporate Information

The Company is the manufacturer and seller of reciprocating compressors for refrigeration and air conditioning products and the subsidiaries are the manufacturers and seller of related materials and parts for reciprocating compressors, details are as follows: Kulthorn Kirby Public Company Limited is the manufacturer and seller of motor compressor, reciprocating type for refrigeration products i. The Company also produces Condensing Unit which is the component of refrigeration products, electrical motor parts, and other motor compressor parts. Kulthorn Steel Company Limited is the Steel Coil Center for the manufacturer of motor compressor, electrical motor, and other parts. Distributor in Thailand. Coporate Information. Company Business. Kulthorn Premier Company Limited is the manufacturer of the motor compressor and quality iron casting for motor compressor and automotive parts.

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