According to the passage It is stated in the passage that It is argued in the passage that The author argues that The writer explains that The writer suggests that The writer is of the opinion that.. The passage explains that

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Only, merely, just, purely, solely, simply, exclusively. Unlike the older forms of occultism, such as magic and astrology, organized occultism is a modern phenomenon. Few of the various organized occult movements have existed for more than years; some were formed as a belated countermovement to the Enlightenment, when people began to follow rational schools of thought. Examples include extrasensory perceptions such as telepathy and telekinesis, and haunted places or people. Believers maintain that these phenomena stem from unknown powers that can often be accessed only by some people with special abilities.

We understand from the passage that adherents of occultism claim that certain people A have extraordinary talents that allow them to have contact with the unknown. B practise magic and explain events by means of astrological signs.

C were the pioneers of the anti-Enlightenment movements in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. D can tell us what places are haunted and why.

E can teach others what extrasensory perceptions are. Mainly, specifically, primarily, notably, especially, principally, predominantly, mostly, chiefly. Temel fiiller :. Temel Zarflar:. Agree with. Listeyi indirin. Among the problems facing bridge engineers, the most serious ones are those of.

A improvement. B reassessment. C determination. D distinction. E maintenance. The two major political parties in Britain are currently. A referred. B obsessed. C committed. D implied. E meant. It now appears that while US leaders are still willing for the nation to exert itself abroad and give large.

A spontaneous. B precarious. C competitive. D reluctant. E deliberate. It is. A urgently. B vaguely. C indifferently. D elaborately. E hardly. Bartok was influenced as much by the musical innovations of Debussy and Stravinsky as by East European, Hungarian, folk music. A exceedingly. B notably. C appropriately. D vehemently.

E adequately. Due to industrialization and colorization, the nineteenth century. A brought about. B put off. C held up. D looked. E set off. The two archaeologists have tried hard to read the inscription in old Latin, but I do not think they have. A got over. B written off. C taken after. D made out. E brought up. The children of today are healthier and better infancy.

A disposed of. B fed up. C rounded up. D looked into. E cared for. Naturally I will come to you for advice whenever I feel in need of. A them. B one. C some. D none. E another.

Radcliff is. A by far. B over all. C just in. D as much. E too much. The committee showed their wholehearted approval of the designs he submitted, and.

A me too. B so did I. C so have I. D so we do. E we also have. Preposition denmesinin de sebebi budur zaten:. Look :. Anderson, who. Anderson was. YER The woman was burried where her husband lay. USUL The boy seemed as if somebody teased him. Others bize sorulabilir. Ralph Waldo Emerson was a sage, not a scientist, but he was more keenly. One of his early. To date, however, this side of Emerson's thought and.

Emerson's life in science is the. Emerson went on to make his mark primarily in the areas of literature, religion,. Virtual Reality VR is the term used. To enter VR, you.

This glove allots you to touch. The Romans built hundreds of miles of aqueducts that. Sewers and organized garbage healthier than other cities of antiquity.


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A increased B ha ve increased C was increasing D has increased E had increased 2. The police A is conducting B ha ve been conducted C are conducting D has been conducting E had been conducting 3. A ha ve broadcast B were broadcast C will be broadcast D was broadcast E has been broadcast 5. We are really happy to hear that the restoration of the hall


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