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These are dedicated to pinpointing deep historic, likely extra-terrestrial origins of those that seek my advice. Established clients connect using a variety of mediums other than Skype. Some liaise with me regularly; others less frequently. One client in particular has presented many dream sequences for me to decode.

Responses are part of the continuous improvement effort and are not a feature of paid consultancy. She the client is invariably taken aback and perhaps sometimes a little disappointed by my interpretations. That is because prognoses are always pragmatic and down to Earth , as they should be.

Needless to say, the causal effect rather underwhelms exquisite Sephardic invariably dream influencing culprits cultural fantasy that commonly obsessively overstates medieval traditions, complete with wizards, dragons, shining knights, maidens in distress and other lesser known trappings of that bygone era.

The information was in fact so potent; it not only radically changed the structure of what I had planned to deliver prior adding three extra weeks to the production cycle , but became the inspiration for this article too. Perhaps my sources of feedback are unique to me, perhaps they are everywhere. Data, as served, is how can I describe this? It could be said that it is there but not there at the same time.

This is remotely important and I will elaborate on reasons at the correct juncture. Dissimilar to English, all syllables or parts that build Atlantis words mean something individually. Group values are expansions or contextual extensions of individual meanings.

Tamaras can be broken into ta-ma-ra-s and each part naturally refers to something. My limited knowledge of ancient scripts such as Sanskrit is enough to glean sibylic meanings might vary so greatly, depending on how they were pronounced, a cornucopia of possibilities might thwart my efforts.

Our Sirian-reptilian partnership has proven to be a dangerous one. It brought down Atlantis so who would dare think otherwise? Societies have evolved into an epitome of preconceptions under synthetic regulations. Unconditional prejudgement is a symptom of frivolous cowardice.

Those devoid of any integrity choose this path. If presumptions are to be made, they must be done with fair basis to be of honourable intent, for perpetual reasoned logic blazes the avenues leading towards righteousness. Therefore we have to take care we are able to isolate preconceptions. Interpretive issues, particularly when overzealously trying to stress desired results , can easily escalate into the manufacture of falsehoods.

As the Draco is generally given a very negative press something I will muse over later , it is understandable that I might occasionally albeit inadvertently lose grip of sound intellectual discipline. I had not merely been offered a solitary bland Atlantis motto, but two very different scintillating connotations that begged for my dedicated interpretation. After applying myself, the result was better than I could have possibly dreamt of in my wildest imagination. I had been presented the cause of all wars.

For comprehension, we must first evaluate the true relevance of the pioneering work of the great Pharaoh Akhenaten. Naturally, the real legacy of Akhenaten is so important that past evil forces have obscured anything of note from view. Censored fragments have been constructed in such a way as to distort original messages into irrelevance. Only those with access to the Akashic Records might discern fact from hapless fiction.

One unlikely truth has stood the test of time though. The great Pharaoh knew the truth and the truth delivered us phonetically A-mon although English prayer verses traditionally end A-men.

The metaphor Amon reads something like this. Amon may have been the envy of contemporary elites seeking enlightenment, but this would have meant nothing to ordinary folks alien to intellectual passion. When divine arbiters turn out in reality to be selfishly corrupt politicians , then all sorts of malfeasance can result.

It highlights an essential fact. Babylonian sun-worship was later rebranded Sol Invictus by the Romans sympathetic to pharisaic causes. Sol Invictus under Constantine would assume the basis for cultural interpretation of Christianity in its final rebrand as Catholicism, so obscured sun-worship impacts the lives of a significant percentage of modern day populaces.

In order to elevate his cult, Constantine purged all Gnostic texts that obstructed his mission. Original Druid mystery schools have been rendered obsolete although some of that deep knowledge can be found in sections of the Jewish Kabbalah.

The heinous tradition of censorship has not ceased. Dead Sea Scrolls and other significant parchments have been vetted as to not ruffle status-quo in my opinion. Even so, a clear move away from materialistic values makes the Nag Hamadi texts essential reading.

Logos has not been promoted in vain and those with determination and presence of mind will find their Holy Grail. Indeed, the great tyranny administered by superficial leaders ever since the fall of Atlantis is deliberately in place to confuse the masses as to what the true, purposeful properties of the heavens and underlying existences are. Is the sauce bottle edible? Ra has always been the device that delivers i.

The best way to start I think is to reference my last article again. In cosmic terms, each star is a living entity no matter what the perceived status. As I outline in my book The Beauty of Existence Decoded , stars fulfil the need to grow and therefore reproduce like any other entity. The method they use is sadly conventional and closely copies our fungi spooring processes or is that the other way round? Therefore, to call any individual cell i. I find it ironic that the supposedly faithful have no effective parameters to refer to that will quench any thirst for raw spirituality.

The body is nothing more than a very useful vehicle. This and other mysterious effects are the metaphysical property of spiritual domains. Consequentially, everything that thinks has a conscience-of-sorts.

The mind is not illusory steam. Indeed, the reverse is so for after brain service ceases, the mind carries on. Conscious being is eternal whereas the body and all its parts are a semblance tuned to a specific dimensional paradigm. It needs no great detective to deduce the Ra concept is something the Pharisees would greatly appreciate. In addition to their bias towards stockholders , all ten either encourage denial of truth or open deceit. Though it has not been historically confirmed largely due to that grand legacy of misinformation , it would not surprise me if it turned out that, prior to the formulation of Judaism, the Pharisees were the original usurpers directly after the fall of Atlantis.

No wonder man, according to religious texts , appears so much more eloquent and morally just than the remotely holy. Jealous, selfish man would not exceed expectation was he to be classed as a spiritual imp. Yet he dares to dictate to God? The Pharisees ignore and deny the essence of God.

All manners of evidence to the effect can be sought in our material sciences, nominal religious dogmas and the endless commercial-political conspiracy designated to prepare slaves. Nevertheless, comprehension of the censored astral is critically important if the Atlantis tamarian concept is to be appreciated. On face value tamaras is the product of manipulators that desire to use the shell Ra as their icon for control.

Albeit the former signifies philosophic intent and the latter refers to proto-physical infrastructures, they are the same. In relation to the tamarian however, all concepts leverage off the same basic identify framework in different ways. Therefore once we are able to decode all syllables as individual standalone words, we will be in a stronger position to impress plausible grouped meanings that contextually rely on all parts. This quest needs some vital background before we embark.

The removal of Stephen Hawkins will change nothing. This must be appreciated before broaching the discovery tour as the tamaras and the tamarian equally leverage off the quantum layer; which is contrary to mainstream physics opinion an infinite ultra-manifest mesh that does much more than merely completing existence.

The quest to decode terms has not been straightforward by any means. My reticence to benchmark findings against flawed, bloviating sciences also removes consistency , so I have to be careful.

Even so intuitive faith will provide logos when administered sincerely. Was it not for Plato, I wonder if anyone would bother even to hunt for mythical lands. Thus all I can confirm from inherent truth sources is the peoples of Atlantis used numerous scripts as is the way today because they originated from different locations and cultures. Scripts represented the sole common language. Earthly sources have fortunately and perhaps a little fortuitously shed some light on our conundrum i.

Unbeknownst to common ancestors, many modern day languages with deep historic origins still maintain a little of the magnificence of the former great civilisation.

Logic persuaded that answers would be found in Sanskrit, yet fate had other plans for me. By a strange coincidence, the syllables I needed to translate were remarkably alive and well. Everyday notations of missing parts were present in Maori tribal scripts. Cultural meanings only needed to be slightly adjusted to bring clarity to the discovery quest. Perhaps this New Zealand coincidence is not as startling as might be first considered. The Maoris were the only nationals that effectively stood up against the tyranny of [British] Imperialists.

That legacy is fearsomely coveted by modern populations as it should be. By example, tapu ta-pu is a sacred ceremonial dagger. It further marks the divide of Yin Yang. YHWH is painted as a mortally biased, divisively unfair despot, because so are they too.

How is that any different? Superstitions, peculiarly potent in this current stale faux science state of apathy, make absolutely brilliant decoys to parasite off. It is a psy-op that leverages off the guilt and greed of motherhood.





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