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Create Blog. Sign In. Best of luck. Enroll now! Blog Archive. Scroll down. ITIL Exam questions-donate if it. Service Strategy. Service Design. Service Transition. Service Operation. Continual Service Improvement. This site was set up to help you friends who are going to give their ITIL Exams and need practice papers to test their competence. Good Luck.

I have helped you! Its fair that you help me through a small donation. Monday, October 1, Posted by Rahul at PM comments. Labels: dump , dumps , exam , Itil , paper , question , sample , v3. What do you think of this Blog??? What percentage of questions. What is the RACI model used for? What is the main reason for establishing a baseline? To standardize operation.

For knowing the cost of services provided. For roles and responsibility to be clear. For later comparison. Through testing, to ensure that services are designed to meet business needs. To deliver and support IT services. To manage the technology used to deliver services. To monitor the performance of technology and processes. They are driven by patterns of business activity. It is impossible to predict how they behave.

It is impossible to influence demand patterns. They are driven by the delivery schedule generated by capacity management. Service Optimization. Only one person can be responsible for an activity. Only one person can be accountable for an activity. Which is the correct sequence of events in the selection of a technology tool?

Which of the following are the three main types of metrics as defined in Continual Service. Improvement CSI? Process Metrics. Supplier Metrics. Service Metrics.

Technology Metrics. Business Metrics. The priority of an Incident refers to? The goal of Service Asset and Configuration Management is to? Which are the missing Service Operation processes from the following?

Incident Management. Problem Management. Access Management. Which of the following identifies two Service Portfolio components within the Service. Which of the following areas would technology help to support during the Service Design. Hardware and Software design. Environmental design. Process design. Data design. Business drivers and requirements for a new service should be considered during? The BEST definition of an event is? Level has already been impacted.

What does the Service V model represent? A strategy for the successful completion of all Service Management projects. The path to Service Delivery and Service Support for efficient and effective utilization of. Technical Management is NOT responsible for? Defining the Operational Level Agreements for the technical teams.

Diagnosis of, and recovery from, technical failures. The following options are considered within which process? Big bang vs. Push and Pull. Automated vs. Release and Deployment Management. Service Asset and Configuration Management. Which of the following activities is Service Level Management responsible for?

Design the configuration management system from a business perspective. Create technology metrics to align with customer needs. Create a customer facing service catalogue. Train service desk on how to deal with customer complaints about service.

When analyzing an outcome for creation of value for customers, what attributes of the service. Objectives, Metric, Desired outcome. Business Objectives, IT objectives, Process metrics.

Desired outcome, Supplier metrics, IT objectives. People, Products, Technology. Setting policies and objectives is the primary concern of which of the following elements of.

Service Strategy and Continual Service Improvement. Consider the following statements:. CSI provides guidance on how to improve process efficiency and effectiveness. CSI provides guidance on how to improve services.

CSI provides guidance on the improvement of all phases of the service lifecycle. CSI provides guidance on the measurement of processes and services. They provide structure and stability to organizations. They are self-contained units with their own capabilities and resources. They rely on processes for cross-functional coordination and control.

They are costlier to implement compared to processes. If an organization is able to become more proactive in its ITSM processes, what is likely to happen to support costs? Which of the following is a good use of a baseline? The main objective of Availability Management is? Operations Control refers to?

Which off the following is a characteristic of every process?



Best of luck. What is the RACI model used for? What is the main reason for establishing a baseline? Only one person can be responsible for an activity. Only one person can be accountable for an activity.


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