This book is essential reading for anyone seeking to understand the core of the Internet. Internet Peering is one of the key aspects of the network neutrality debate, and this book explores these power dynamics between the players that interconnect at the core of the Internet. The reader will learn how the Internet is wired up, these behind-the-scenes interconnections of this network-of-networks. It gives a practical view about the Internet market which even many engineers developing Internet protocols are lacking.

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William B. Norton is an internationally recognized expert on Internet Peering with over two decades of experience working on the core of the Internet. Preface Note to the Reader. Internet Transit. The Internet Transit Plavbook. Connecting to the Core of the Internet. The Business Case for Peering. Selecting an IXP. Construct Peering from Transit. Defensive Peering Tactics. Defensive Tactic Protect Peering Policy. Taxonomv of Data Centers.

The IXP Plavbook. The Global Internet Peering Ecosystem. The Global Internet Peering Ecosystem The 21st Centurv Internet Peering Ecosvstem. NetworkSawy Content Providers. Traffic Manipulation. Bluff Issues FriendshipBased Peering.

Spam Peering Requests. False Peering Outage. Leverage Broader Business Arrangement. Overseas Power Play. The Group BuyIn. BuyIn Key Players. Divide and Conquer. Beachhead Verticals and Niche Markets. Extend the Dominant IXP. Prevent Rogue IXPs. Swim with the Fishes. Build and Maintain Population Stickiness. Strengthen Peering Population.

Demonstrate Leadership. Purchase Data Center During Downturns. Drop Peering Cost. Appendix The Peering Simulation Game. The Playbooks. Play Chicken. Be Open Loudly. Be Everywhere. Get Traffic. Price on Value. The Future.


The Art of Peering: The Peering Playbook

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The Internet Peering Playbook by Bill Norton

In these previous works, we documented the commonly used terminology Peering, Transit, Transport, etc. In this paper we build upon this foundation of peering knowledge and present tactics that Peering Coordinators have used to obtain peering where they otherwise might not have been able to obtain peering. We have identified 20 specific maneuvers that vary from the mundane to the clever, from merely deceptive to manipulative and unethical. Nonetheless, these tactics have been successfully used to obtain peering, and in this paper we document them. We share 20 peering maneuvers that the Peering Coordinator Community has seen effectively used to obtain peering.

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