Wall-mount hardware sold separately lets you mount your TV on a wall. For detailed information on mounting your TV on a wall, see the instructions provided with the wall-mount hardware. Contact a technician for assistance when installing the wall-mount bracket. Best Buy is not responsible for any damage to your TV or injury to yourself or others.

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Page Count: NS-LC D 9. Introductio n. Safety inf or mation. F eatures. F ron t. Remote c ontrol. Setting u p your TV. Install ing remote control b atteries. Connecti ng y our TV to a pow er outl et. Connecti ng an o utside a ntenna. Connecti ng cab le TV. Connecti ng to a n e xternal signal so urce.

Connecti ng a com puter. Using your TV. T urning y our TV on an d off. Selectin g the T V signal s ource. Setting u p the chan nel list.

Changing channel s. Selectin g a digit al sub-ch annel. Adjustin g the v ol ume. Displa yin g status inf ormation. Chec king the DTV signal streng th. Adding a channel label. F ree zing t he picture. Setting th e cloc k. Setting th e sleep t imer. Vie wing clos ed captio ns. Setting p arental co ntrols. Using th e on-scree n menu. On-scr een men us. Maintain ing. Cleaning you r TV. T roubleshooting.

Specifi cations. Legal noti ces. One year limited warranty. Intr od uction. Congratulation s on your purchase of a hi gh-quality Insignia product. The hom e theate r ent er tainme nt e xp erience is a gro wi ng tren d, and l arger TVs are. Ho we v er , TVs are n ot alw a ys suppor ted on the proper stand s or. We and the co nsumer. TVs th at ar e inappr opr iate ly pl aced o n dress ers, boo kcas es, shelves, des ks,. Use only a TV. Ma ke sure that you pla ce or ins tall the TV where it.

If y ou decide to w all mount y our TV , alwa ys:. Use only a wa ll mount rated f o r the weight. ETL as suitab le f or y our TV. Some wall mou nts ar e not de signe d to be.

If y ou are unsure , ask a prof essional insta ller. At least tw o people a re requi red f or saf e wall mou nt. It makes a difference ho w and wher e y ou use.

Impor tant safety inst ructions. Instal l. A polar ized. A groundin g type pl ug has two blades. Th e wide blade. If the provid ed plug do es not fit into your. Overloaded wall. Any of these con dition s could. P er iodic ally. Pr otect the power cor d from. P a y par t icular atte ntion to.

The plu g must rema in readily operable. Outdoor ant enna gr ounding. If an outs ide ant enna or cable sy stem is. Ar ticle 8 10 of the. T o prev ent electric shock, match the wide blade on the power. If the plug does. Do not modify the po wer cord plug, or you wil l def eat. This sy mbol indic ates that d angerous vol tage. This l abel is locat ed on the back.

Thi s sym bol indi cates th at there ar e imp ortant. War ni ng. Y our TV contains tin-lead s older and a fluores cent lamp. Disposal of these. Note to CA TV system installer. This rem inder is p rovided to cal l the CA TV.

T o avoid interference with your TV p icture and. The LCD pan el contain s almost 3 million th in film. Occasio nally , a fe w nonactive. These non-ac tive pix els do. Button Descriptio n. In Menu. In Me nu. In Me nu mo de, f unct ions a s the up. In Me nu mo de, f unct ions a s the down. Button Description. L OCK Press to acti vate or deacti vate. Using the remote contr ol. T o use the remote contr ol:.

Setting up y our TV. Installing remote contr ol batteries. T o install the remote cont r ol batteries:. Make sure that y ou match the. Connecting y our TV to a power outlet. T o connect y our TV to a power outlet:. In analog TV mo de, you can sel ect. Contr ast setti ng.

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