He served during his earlier years as a military engineer in the Low Countries. Subsequently, he was appointed the king's principal engineer for fortifications, and in he visited Portsmouth in this capacity to settle a question between the governor and the admiralty as to the removal of some naval buildings which interfered with proposed fortifications. In he visited Guernsey and Jersey at the request of the governors, Charles Danvers, Earl of Danby and Sir Thomas Jermyn , to survey the castles in those islands and report upon them to the board of ordnance. In February of the following year Rudd petitioned the board of ordnance for the payment of arrears of salary; in June the board recommended the petition to the council, mentioning Rudd's services.

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The Goetia is the most famous grimoire after the Key of Solomon. The owner of this handbook of sorcery was Dr. Thomas Rudd, the most important scholar-magician of the early seventeenth century, and a magical successor to Dr.

John Dee. The Goetia of Dr. Rudd explains how the 72 angels of the Shemhamphorash are used to evoke and safely bind demons—material that has not been made available in any previous edition.

This rare volume contains a transcription of a hitherto unpublished manuscript of the Lemegeton and includes illustrations drawn from rare manuscripts held in the British Library. Stephen Skinner began his career as a Geography lecturer and magazine publisher, but his long term interests have always been Western magic and feng shui. During the s he was the driving force behind Askin Publishers, producing a number of classic magical works by Cornelius Agrippa, Paracelsus, Austin Osman Spare, Aleister Crowley, and others.

During the s he co-wrote many books with Francis King, including the still popular Techniques of High Magic. Also with Francis King he wrote Nostradamus. His interest in prophecy stimulated by this book, he went on to write the best selling Millennium Prophecies.

Stephen is credited with bringing the art of Feng Shui to the West, and in he wrote the Living Earth Manual of Feng Shui, which was the first English book on feng shui in the 20th century. Stephen has written more than 35 books, which have been published worldwide in 28 different languages.

Stephen lives in Singapore. David Rankine Wales has been practicing magic for twenty-five years. He gives regular talks and workshops around Europe. Stephen Skinner , David Rankine.


Thomas Rudd

Amazon recommendations are always hit-or-miss for me. I tend to buy my gifts through Amazon, with the effect that they keep telling me about great mystery novels and cookbooks. Their most recent recommendation turned out to be The Goetia of Dr. As the cover makes clear, the book also includes the other three treatises from the Lemegeton , dealing with spirits that are more pleasant all around. This particular manuscript — Harley MS. For the uninitiated, this means lining up the Hebrew letters of each verse from 19 to 21 of Exodus 14 verse 20 in reverse , each of which contains 72 letters.

6EP1336-3BA00 PDF

Goetia of Dr Rudd : The Angels & Demons of Liber Malorum Spirituum seu Goetia

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