Dr Reddy intervened when TRS members, dissatisfied with the Home Minister's reply on repatriation of policemen of other regions from Telangana, rushed into the well of the House and shouted slogans. Referring to the TRS demand that a permanent committee be set up to oversee the implementation of GO , providing for repatriation of non-locals from Telangana, he said if such a suggestion was made by the Girglani Commission, it would be implemented. The latter earlier denied that the Girglani Commission had suggested setting up of a permanent committee. The Home Minister agreed to call an all-party meeting to sort out the issue.

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Report on implementation of G. A Dept. Para 5 1 This Part is in continuation of the Preliminary Report on the subject. Statistically even the figures of locals and non-locals collected by the department of planning show percentage of non-locals in zones V and VI ranging between 3. The question is not the number of non- locals or the percentage but how many of the non-locals are there in violation of the Presidential Order.

For this, one has to go to the Main Final Report which has brought out all the deviations and leakages from the Presidential Order. The gigantic task of working out the actual number of the locals deprived through deviations under each of the findings under the 18 deviation genres, in each particular local area district or zone, as the case may be and those who benefited in each particular district or zone, has necessarily to be carried out by the concerned departments.

Para 5 2 The commitment of the Government under this para to bring three Projects under the Presidential Order remains partially unfulfilled as AEEs and concomitantly DEEs and the workcharged employees have not been brought under the Presidential Order.

Even the posts of these categories not being utilized in the Projects due to completion of works still continue to be outside the purview of the Presidential Order. The immediate action proposed is to get deleted item e of the Para 14 of the Presidential Order along with G. The retrospective effect to was not given. It appears to be of no consequence even if it is given. Immediate orders seem to be called for. Para 5 4 The demand for bringing all the first gazetted posts under the Presidential Order under specified gazetted categories Third Schedule is justified, as it is a commitment under Point-3 of the Six Point Formula.

The gazetting of posts after Immutability of the local status of a post as of has to be strictly observed. Para 5 5 The Government's commitment in this para is only a reiteration of para 9 B of G. The Commission has observed that this has been by and large observed in the breach. Para 5 6 Government has issued orders from time to time to regulate the inter-cadre transfers but they still tend to be quite large in number.

The Government has now banned such transfers. The A. High Court has laid down very sound principles to be observed for transfers. Para 5 7 The most concrete and glaring case is that of AEEs taken by Panchayat Raj Engineering Department without following the local candidate and local cadre rules. Also the cases of Sericulture Department may be set-right. Para 5 8 No cases have come to light under this para. Para 5 9 It is not possible under the Presidential Order to take non- local of the same zone or multi zone in a particular local cadre.

The principle of immutability of the Presidential Order will ensure proper implementation of the Presidential Order. Para 5 10 There are very few persons now who were employed from other zones for want of trained personnel. These are mainly nurses. Training facilities for nurses have been augmented. Para 5 11 There are no cases under this para.

Para 5 12 a This sub-para is already complied with. Para5 12 b The Supreme Court judgement was received. This para stands complied with. Para 5 13 The facts in this para were not correct and this was communicated to TNGOs Association for their comments but they too have not refuted the official version. This para needs no further action. Para 5 14 In its Preliminary Report the Commission had recommended action to be taken on this para. The latest report of the Department of the Public Health Engineering given to the House Committee of which this Commission has obtained a copy seems to be rather misleading on the very face of it.

It appears that no action has been taken as yet on the Commission's finding in this regard, in the Preliminary Report. Conclusion It may be stated that implementation of G. To the extent that zones V and VI are affected such action would mean implementation of this para.

Implementation of sub-paras 7 to 13 of Para 5 is either completed or does not arise. But are a part of the deviations contained in the Main Final Report, in which all the zones and all the districts are involved. Implementation of these sub-paras would be a part of the implementation of the main Final Report. Who are the losers and who are the beneficiaries?

One thing is certain that Zones V and VI are not the gainers, but the losers. Girglani, IAS Retd. TDF Project Form. TDF Constitution. TDF Executive Committee. Appeal to Voters. Telangana State FAQ. Audio Library. News Articles. Send an Article. City Chapters. Discussion Forum. A SPF. Often these are being used interchangeably without knowing the difference and distinction between them. The Presidential order is based on point 3 of the Six Point Formula.

This Chapter also gives the scope of the Report, Viz. Time frame of the Report is 18th October to the present day, covering the entire State. The main causes of deviations are the dynamics of the administrative system sometimes bypassing the Presidential Order, oblivion and ignorance of the Presidential Order and lack of any monitoring or guiding machinery or a nodal agency.

The deviations are arranged in terms of 18 "Deviation Genres" delineated into findings and 35 sets of remedial measures. R E. Most of the deviations in the Findings pertain to expansion of the scope of Heads of Departments and excluded organization to bring into their fold more and more posts to place them outside the Local Cadres. Thus, the 51 Heads of Departments listed in the Annexure to G.

In a few cases, even the staff of the Regional Offices was treated as Head of Department office staff and placed outside the Local Cadres and the Presidential Order. Same was done in the case of some Institutes. The Report has listed out HOD offices who alone are legitimately entitled to exclusion from localization of cadres under item b of Para 14 of the Presidential Order.

Major Development Projects were originally kept out of the Presidential Order. Even posts not used for project works and posts in the projects where work was completed, continue to be labelled as Project Posts for keeping them out of the Local Cadres and out of the Presidential Order. All workcharged establishments of the Projects not engaged in Project Work is kept out of the local cadres.

Similarly, the fair share principle for deputations to posts in the excluded organizations laid down in G. Deputation process has been very often misused. In one Department the Regional Offices were abolished and the posts taken to the Head Office putting them out of the purview of the Presidential Order and Local Cadres.

In Drugs Control Department their Regional offices violate Zonal bounds for postings, transfers, seniorities. Some Departments effect inter-zonal transfers in violation of para 5 2 limitations where a Region has more than one Zone within it.

Deputation posts may be taken from the City Cadre. These two should not criss- cross. There are examples of such criss-cross.

Direct recruitment, seniorities etc. In some Departments this has not happened. Some of them have even thought that Units of Appointment are Local Cadres. Transfers have been the cause of complaint particularly from Zone-IV. Government has recently banned transfers. But, this will have some social side-effects in matters of matrimony etc. Essentially the High Court advises strict circumspection. This Commission has suggested some formula to offset the loss of opportunities to the Local candidates through the influx of people coming on transfer and also to contain such influx in Zone-VI and similar areas of influx.

Deputations have proved to be a rather disconcerting source of deviations from the Presidential Order. The fair share principle of para 9 B of the aforesaid G. There are indications of deputations being used as the substitute for transfers and also some undesirable motivations.

In the case of Projects, deputations are resorted to even where the posts have ceased to be utilized for Project work and have become departmental posts and also where even the Projects have been completed though not notified as such.

In some cases, all the rules about deputations laid down in the Fundamental Rules and the General Service Rules have been indiscriminately flouted to churn out promotions. From one post multiple promotions have been churn out promotions. From one post multiple promotions have been churned out by sending persons on deputations, filling the same post by promotion and keeping up the chain of promotions and deputations.

Deputations from excluded organization to other excluded organizations have curtailed the opportunities of the local candidates which the fair share principle would have provided them.

Deputations as a source of deviations need stringent vigilance. Damage done has to be set-right.


Retired IAS officer JM Girglani dead

This story is from July 14, HYDERABAD: An estimated 60, unemployed youth from Telangana are eagerly awaiting the implementation of GO which envisages the repatriation of non-locals working in various government departments who were recruited against the allotted quota. Telangana has been plagued by naxalism and related violence which has been affecting the growth of industries. Unemployment has been identified as one of the major factors hindering the development of the region. Political parties, irrespective of their ideologies, have been voicing concern over the non-implementation of GO which has been depriving the youth of employment. However, the non-implementation of the GO has come in handy for pro-Telangana parties for taking on the government.


Girglani Commission will be implemented in toto: CM

Normally, the ATR indicates the follow-up action taken by the government on the findings and recommendations of an Inquiry Commission appointed under the Commission of Inquiries Act. In the instant case, the only follow-up action that the government has taken is the nomination of a group of ministers and dispatching the copies of the reports to the departments at the Secretariat level. This explains the callousness and casual approach of the Congress government, which promised in the poll manifesto on the eve of Assembly elections to implement the GO Ms in letter and spirit. The Home Minister announced recently that the government has decided to repatriate to their home districts as many as 3, police personnel who have been working in Hyderabad and Cyberabad Commissionerates in violation of SPF and GO Ms The Home Minister, however, clarified that such repatriation would be done in phases to avoid administrative, departmental and legal problems.


Girglani Commission, 2001 – Important Points & Recommendations in Telugu PDF



GO 610 will benefit 60,000 in Telangana


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