Dr Dusanovic was born on in Belgrade. After graduating High School in , and serving compulsory army forces from , he enrolled at the Medical School in Belgrade in After completing his primary studies of Medicine he got his Medical Degree in with the highest honors. During studies he was engaged as a student assistant in Institute of Anatomy for four years. After completing one year mandatory rotating internship and passing the Medical State Exam in Colovic and Professor Z.

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Sabirov, M. Potapova P. Amirov, E. Frolova, L. Gornayeva P. Issues of epidemiology and pharmacoeconomics of chronic obstructive lung disease in large industrial centre in the south of Western Siberia. Bagisheva P. Pathology of upper gastrointestinal tract in patients with rheumatoid arthritis. Belyanskaya, D. Abdoulganiyeva P. Orthopedic complications in children after acute hematogenous metaepiphysial osteomyelitis of lower limbs.

Gilmoutdinov, I. Akhtyamov, A. Skvortsov, P. Grebnev P. Hip replacement using a Muller acetabular reinforcement ring. Akhtyamov, O. Kouzmin, M. Kislitsyn P. Application of up-to-date methods for the development of remission in patients with inflammatory-destructive processes in the periodontium. Mamayeva, M. Bolbat P. Remote functional results of esophagogastroplastiy.

Drobyazgin, I. Berkasova, A. Koutepov P. Esophagoplasty at bening stenosis of esophagus. Drobyazgin, A. Korobeynikov, I. Arterial hypertension and endothelium dysfunction part I. Popova, S. Mayanskaya, N. Mayanskaya, E. Berezikova, L. Khidirova P. Basic methodological principles of aromatherapy application in medical rehabilitation. Clinical features, diagnostics and medical care arrangement at malignant pleurities. Varin, A. Khanin P. Morokov P. Sixteen-year experience in short-term training physicians of Russia and CIS in endosurgical technologies.

Sigal, V. Odintsov P. Combined course of nonspecific ulcerative colitis and primary sclerosing cholangitis. Fomina, L. Absalyamova, I. Gimaletdinova, E. Sadykova, Yu. Prokhorova, S.

From clinical studies to clinical practice not all so is simple, as it would be desirable. Vizel, I. Vizel P. The purposes: to defne dynamics of indicators of heart rate variability in reply to a physiological load in group of patients with heart failure in compcerison with control group. In group with high degree of heart failure of loads insuffcient realisation of the sinus knot of sympathetic activation and insuffcient depression of activity of vagus nerve observed.

Expenditures for the curing of patients under the conditions of oub-patient treatment and in-patient departments were estimated. Introduction of basic therapy in out-patient practice and frec ensuring of patients with medicinal preparations in the frameworks of additional medicinal providing AMP makes it possible to reduce direct, indirect and unfnancial expenditures in COLD.

In our study we studied pathology of upper gastrointestinal tract in 21 patients with rheumatoid arthritis: dyspepsia, endoscope fndings of upper gastrointestinal mucosa, acidity of the stomach and esophagus. Our data showed a high rate of dyspepsia and endoscope changes in rheumatoid arthritis patients in comparison with control group. One of the explanations of this fndings may be high acidity of the stomach. In order to evaluate the effciency of treatment of acute hematogenous metaepiphysial osteomyelitis AHMO of lower limbs in children and determine the main types of orthopedic complications, the analysis of AHMO treatment in children aged from 11 days to 2,7 years was held.

In this article results of observation of patients who underwent hip replacement by using Muller reinforcement ring are being discussed.

Study of the results of hip replacement performed by this technique has been carried on for fve years. In the majority of cases the method was used for the treatment of acetabular bone defects of different etiology and people of young age under The application of Muller acetabular reinforcement ring made it possible to achieve positive results after the frst operation in of cases.

In 6 of cases the repeated operation was required. The authors come to the conclusion that a supporting structure like Muller acetabular reinforcement ring type is a necessary element in hip replacement, which can be used with great effciency in combination with orthoplastics.

Key words: periodontium, combination treatment; professional hygiene; ultrasound. Mitral valve prolapse: norm or pathology? Mitral valve prolapse is very common pathology. Frequency of MVP increases with age. Most often it is detected at the age of 7—15 years. The main method of diagnosis of mitral valve prolapse is the echocardiography study. Recently, however, it is proved that this is not a harmless disease.

Key words: mitral valve prolapse, connective tissue dysplasia, mixomatosis degeneration, regurgitation, sudden death. It is giver an analysis of results of extirpation of esophagus with the plasty by gastric tube concerning bening stenosing diseases of esophagus. Key words: artifcial esophagus, esophagoplasty, diseases of artifcial esophagus.

It is presented the experience of surgical treatment of patients with bening stenosing diseases of esophagus 94 patients with cicatrical post burn esophagostenosis, 25 patients with achalasia of esophagus of IV degree, 4 patients with peptic esophagostenosis. The remote results of executed operative interventions are studied in patients operated for aperiod from 1 month to 13 years. Stenosis of anastomosis on a neck appeared in 43 patients 23 — after gastroplasty, 20 — after colonoplasty.

Dumping syndrome of different degree of express is found out in 13 patients. In 3 patient in the period from one year to two uears there appeared ulcers of colonogastric anastomosis or of a supanastomic region of colonic trasplant. Pilorospasm ofter plasty of gastric tube has appeared in 3 patients. It is presented the literature review about modern endotheliology. The role of endothelium in regulation of vascular tonus; the mechanism of endothelium dysfunction formation; NO-dependent mechanisms of hupertension; the meaning of free-radical oxidation and antioxydant protection system in development of endothelial dysfunction and arterial hypertension are described.

Key words: review, arterial hypertension, endothelial dysfunction, nitric oxide, system of pro- and antioxydant activity, renin-angiotensin system. There is an information about a possibility of broad usage of aromatherapy with the purpose of preventive treatment, complex treatment, rehabilitation and overall health improvement. The methods of aromatherapy, areas of its usage, indications and counter-indications are described in detail. Key words: aromatherapy, hardware- controlled aromatherapy, volatile oils, aromatic oils.

Specifcation of clinical features, identifcation and diagnosis of malignant pleurisies MP were studied in patients, examined at the specialized pleural center, based on the ground of Novokuznetsk Clinical Tuberculous Hospital between and years.

The basic methods for MP verifcation are thoracocentesis with cytologic research of pleural effusion, fberoptic bronchoscopy and pleural needle biopsy PNB. The most effective signifcant measures for making a correct diagnosis of pleurisies, ineluding malignant, were related to structural changes, that is the creation of a specialized center with the accumulation of patients with, pleural pathology, and effcient organization of doctors, activities.

Key words: malignant pleurisy, thoracocentesis, pleural needle biopsy, algorithm, specialized center. Emergence of one of the symptoms headache, pains in muscles and joints, laboured breathing or liquid stool on the background of normal body temperature in persons without immunity is undoubtedly an indication for appealing for medical aid and carrying out laboratory investigation for malaria.

Artemeter and lumefantrin therapy of patients with tropical malaria of light and mean severity was effective. Key words: tropical malaria, secondary prophylaxis, diagnostics, treatment, artemeter, lumefantrin. The article present results of short-term training physicians of surgical specialty in endosurgical technologies for the last 16 years. Criteria of teaching effcacy are presented, basic principles are described, long-term resalts are discussed, reasons of failures in teaching are analysed.

A clinical case of a combined course of nonspecifc ulcerative colitis with a total injury of bowels and primary sclerosing cholaingitis is presented. The necessity of thorough observation and active treatment of patients with combination of the nosologies under discussion depends on the higher risk of colorectal cancer development.


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Predrag M. PDF files so please click the right mouse button and safe them on your own computer!!! This is by far the easiest method to use them. Bailey, Byron J: Chapter From Rakel: Textbook of Family Practice. Bray: Physiology.



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