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General search Products Price Download Supply. Product catalogues. Master slave station products. General relay. Terminal relay. G6B-4CB Series. Solid-state relay. Power regulator. Relay for printed substrate. Security products. Control equipments. Temperature controller. Touch Screen. Each terminal circuit with coil or contact is independent from one another. Short Bar ensures easy connection of common and adjacent terminals. Provided with a terminal cover that prevents electric-shock ac cidents.

LED operation indicator. Built-in diode absorbs coil surge. Mounts either on DIN track or screws. Tool for easy mounting or removal of Relays provided. Isolation: Phototriac coupler. Zero cross function: Yes. Indicator: Yes. Rated output load: 50 A at to VAC. Rated input voltage: 12 to 24 VDC. Downsizing achieved through optimum design of heat sink. Close mounting possible for linking terminals. Replaceable power element cartridges.

Comply with VDE finger protection , with a dielectric strength of 4, V between input and load. Isolation method: Relay. Zero cross function: No. Applicable output load See note. Rated input voltage: 5 VDC. Using a triac to open and close the circuit reduces chattering, and arching, thereby increasing the electrical durability to 10, million operations. Plus, there is almost no effect on heat generation, or ambient temperature. Operation indicators to easily check operation.

Built-in temperature fuse prevents internal burning due to, triac or relay malfunctions. Socket-type Relays the same size as the 1-pole and 2-pole, LY Relays.

Type: output module. Insulation: photo coupler. Zero crossing function: No. Action display lamp. Logic circuit and load interface. Product series, the color of each module to distinguish.

You can confirm the action of SSR by using the action display light. Between input and output voltage V. Terminal Wire connection : Screw terminal. Classification: Microloads. Latching lever Test switch : No. Rated input voltage: AC, V. Global standard size, low profile slim. Realized opening and closing ability with one pole 6 A slim shape. Screw terminal is also stocked to meet the screw type needs. Mounted relay uses plug-in terminals that are difficult to, bend when exchanging.

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Omron Terminal Relay G6DF4B G6d-f4b 24vdc

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