CTi Automation - Phone: Multistep speed: Up to 15 different speeds can be selected by combining four external input signals DI. Serial link operation: RS standard. Setting through different communication options is possible. Transistor output: Inverter running, Speed equivalence, Speed detection, inverter overload early warning, torque limiting, etc. A rotating motor can be smoothly picked up by the inverter without stopping.

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High-performance, Vector Control Inverter. CTi Automation - Phone: Carefully read this manual for proper use. Incorrect handling of the inverter will prevent proper operation of the inverter or related equipment, shorten their lives, or cause troubles. Read them in conjunction with this manual if necessary. Manual No. General description, specifications, and external drawings of the product. No part of this publicati on may be reproduced or copied without prior written permission of the publisher.

If you find any errors or omissions, please feel free to send you comments to our sale office described on the back cover of this manual. Manuals are revised whenever necessary. R ead the manuals of the latest edition. Safety Instructions. Read this manual carefully before installing, connec ting wiring , operating, servicing, or inspecting the inverter. Familiarize yourself with all safety features before using the inverter. In this manual, safety messages are classified as follows:.

Improper operation may result in seri ous personal injury or death. Improper operation may result in slight to medium personal injury or property damage.

Always follow instructions. Instructions on use. There is a risk of accident. Instructions on installation. Mount this inverter on an incombustible material such as metal. There is a risk of fire. Do not place combustible or flammabl e material near this inverter, as fire may result. The inverter housed in IP00 Electric shock or injury may result. Inverter may be dropped causing injury. Instructions on wiring. Wire the inverter after installation is complete, as electric shock or injury may occur.

Instructions on operation. Be sure to install the surface c over before turning on the power c losed. Do not remove the cover while power to the inverter is turned on. Electric shock may occur. Do not operate switches with wet hands, as electric shock may result.

When the retry function is selected, the inverter may restart automatically after tripping. Design the machine to ensure personal safety in the event of restart Accident may result. In this case, personal safety must be assured. Accident may result.

As the STOP key is effective only when a function setting has been established, install an emergency switch independently, and when an operation via the external signal terminal is selected, the STOP key on the keypad panel will be disabled. As operations start suddenly if alarm is reset with a running signal input, confirm that no running signal is input before resetting alarm. When an alarm is activated, the motor coasts. If the motor needs to be stopped in such a case, install a brake to the machin e with the motor.

When the tuning function code H01 is started, the motor, machine or equipment starts and stops repeatedly. Ensure safety before performing tuning. Accident or injury may result. Do not touch inverter terminals when energized even if inverter has stopped. Electric shock may result. Do not start or stop the inverter using the main circuit power. Failure may result. Burns may result. As the inverter can set high speed operation easily , carefully check the pe rformance of motor or machine before changing speed settings.

Injury may result. Do not use the inverter braking function for mechanical holding. During pre-excitation, the speed adjuster does not function and the motor may be rotated by load disturbance.

When using pre-excitation, th erefore, also use th e mechanical brake. If improper data is set at the function code related with speed adjuster as in the case of setting high gain abruptly, the motor may hunt.

Instructions on maintenance, inspection, and replacement. Wait a minimum of five minutes 15kW or less or ten minutes Only authorized personnel should perform maintenance, inspecti on, and replacement operations. Take off metal jewelry, such as watches and rings. Use insulated tools. Instructions on disposal. Other instructions. General Instructions. Although figures in this manual may show the invert er with covers and safety screens removed for explanation purposes, do not operate the device until all such cove rs and screens have been replaced.

Warning label positions. Inverter with a small capacity 15kW or lower. Inverter with a middle capacity Inside the inverter. Di sconnect incoming power before working on this control. See Instruction Manual basic connection diagram Fig. Tightening torque and wire size. Inverter type. Required torque [lb-inch] N. Wire size [AWG] mm 2. VT use. For the incoming power of the inverter, connect the power supply satisfying the requirements specified in the table below short-circuit rating.

Input source current. Less than 42,A. Input voltage. Complying standard. The V class models are out of compliance.

Our product is certified by a European auditor to be compliant with the standard and therefore we declares compatibility with the Low Voltage Directives. Do not connect two or more cables.

Or use a transformer to isolate the power supply and inverter with double shields or to take a reinforced isolation measures. If there is direct personal contact, install an external isolating circuit to isolate with double shields. To assure pollution degree 2 or better, install the inverter in a control panel IP54 or above having a structure where water, oil, carbon, dust particles or the like does not enter.

Table Applicable devices and cable size V cl ass of main circuit for assuring compliance with Low Voltage Directives. Tightening torque. Recommended cable size [mm 2 ].

Rated current. Control section. With With. Without Without. R0, T0. Vector Control Inverter System. Learn more about Scribd Membership Home. Much more than documents.

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ISO 27955 PDF

FUJI FRENIC 5000VG7S Series Inverters

Quick Links. Download this manual. High-Performance, Vector Control Inverter. Table of Contents. This product is used to drive a 3-phase induction motor at variable speed. As this manual does not cover the use of function cords and option cards, etc. Inverter may be dropped causing injury.

ISO 22718 PDF

Fuji Frenic 5000vg7s Users Manual

Mitsui Sumitomo Bank Ningyo-cho Bldg. Carefully read this manual for proper use. Incorrect handling of the inverter will prevent proper operation of the inverter or related equipment, shorten their lives, or cause troubles. Read them in conjunction with this manual if necessary.

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