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NOTES : -. The descriptions ond illustrations in th is maintenance manual may differ slightly from the present configuration of the product. This would reflect the constant evolution of the product during its industrial life. Technical data. Dimensions a nd weight. Functional data. Accesso ri es. Abbrevia ti o ns.

Moving pa rts grou p [ 3 ]. H ammer grou p [ 4 ]. Magazine [ 5 ]. The "safe mode" I the "initial mode". Semi-automatic firing mode. Firing the first round. Rearwa rd. Forward movement of the moving parts. Full-automatic firing mode. Safety sea r Warnings and cautions. Safety checks. Loadi ng. Loading and cocking the submachine gun. Firin g the submachine gun. Unloading the submachine gu n. Inserting the battery 71 7.

Setting the laser selector Activating the laser. Di sassembling. Clea ning. Cleaning and lubrication after firing. Disas sembly. Moving ports group [ 3]. Ham mer group [ 4]. Disassem bly. Checking the firin g precision. Adjustment of the v i sible. The gun does not fire w hen the trigger is pulled.

Typical problems. Li st of accessories. Catalog no List of OREA. It hos however been provided with 3 Picotinny roils 1 top roil o nd 2 side roils onto which o wide variety of optical sig hts ond accessories con be mounted. Dimensions and weight. P90 LV. P90 TR LV. Overa ll length. Wei gh t empty maga zine. Weight full magazine. Opera ting principle :. Blowback mechanism firi ng from closed breech.

Calibre :. Firi ng modes :. Trigg er p ull :. Si ng. Full-automatic: 5. Magazine capacity:. Barrel length :. Rifled length :. Twist and d ire cti o n :.

Cyclic rote of fi re :. Right- ha nd. The following data apply. Muzzle velocity :. Effective range :. Power output :. Wavelength :. Laser type :. Class lllb. C lass lllb. Battery life :. Side ra il. Not relevant. Sound suppressor. Sou nd su ppressor bag. Soft bag available in b lack, olive-g reen,. Case collector. OK only available in black.

Tactical light. External visible laser. External infra-red laser. Not rel evant. OK requires special Picatinny support. Picatinny moun ti ng. Picatinny support for optica l red dot sig ht. N ot re leva nt. Oil can. Sight ad justment kit. Not re levant. Magazine pouch. Gun carrying bag.

CAT no :. Ca tal og num ber. Codification Number. Figu re. Feet per second. Ki lograms. LIR :. Infra-red laser. Visible laser.


Fn P90 Armorers Manual

Featuring a compact bullpup design with an integrated reflex sight and fully ambidextrous controls, the P90 is an unconventional weapon with a futuristic appearance. Secret Service. Since , a semi-automatic version has been offered to civilian users as the PS The P90 and its 5.





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