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All rights reserved. Use of this site indicates your consent to the Terms of Use. By logging into your account, you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy , and to the use of cookies as described therein. Forgot Password? Today's Posts. Mark Forums Read. Thread Tools. Search this Thread. Is there any links you can provide. Reply Like. View Public Profile. View iTrader Profile. Hi have anyone a link were I can download a drawing of all parts of the BigLama Regards Jorgen.

Send a private message to JorgenD. Find More Posts by JorgenD. Send a private message to sgbfly. Find More Posts by sgbfly. Hi sgbfly Tnx for Your fast reply Gonna boy some well needed spare parts to my fathers Big Lama I gave it to him on his 70th birthday and his a dedicated helifan now [8D]. Hi Guys, Any idea if the extended shaft kit offer by RC COM extended by 25mm same as the one by Helipal. Send a private message to Electrotech. Find More Posts by Electrotech. No way to proof that except of course buying this one after having already bought the other one , but to all that can be judged from looking at it, the parts are identical.

Did you read the remark about the lower rotorhead from 3Dpro? I honestly would be surprised, if the two kits were NOTmade in the same factory Send a private message to erdnuckel2. Find More Posts by erdnuckel2. I bought the extended in a kit from RC But right now it's beginner flying.

I only tried it once Hi all, I bought extended shaft kit offer by RC I need a special instrument? If you do not try to reuse your old inner shaft Luis, you will only need a phillips screw driver and a 1.

You might get troubles getting the screw to lose, that fixes the gear a or the one for the collar on top of teh bearing. If that is the case, use heat ie heat the screw with a soldering iron for a couple seconds and try again. And also, check if you lower rotorhead is straight, I know of quite a few people including me where the lower rotor head is misaligned I wrote some posts about that already Regards, Sven.

Send a private message to rusty Find More Posts by rusty It's something that ultimately the market will regulate As far as the top is concerned, this one is not going to get damaged as easy as an inner shaft The company is still very new and the numbers for the parts they sell don't yet But this is also a given in real world markets: once the numbers increase, the prices go down sometimes faster, somtimes slower, but ultimately the more of a certain product gets sold, the cheaper it gets in the course of time And if you think about it, even if this part is significantly pricier than all other stuff thats on the market for the big lama at the moment, you actually get two parts in one - the upper rotor head AND the flybar which never gets sold in those kits Anyway, long story short, I guess also, the heli itself is not yet old enough for a really diverse supply of aftermarket parts.

BUT - they're working on it!! Regards, Sven. Hi Sven , Im just disapointed innershaft and top. Still not available separate. Now of course, that looks like an awful lot and most people will not even start calculating and just say "Thank you, BUT NO thank you" But there are a few facts that should be taken into account From the German Skytec rotor head you can get every single part that it is made of as a replacement part.

How is that for a change? Same counts for the weights which you can get in different size right from the beginning or the hub. Once you looked at all these facts the price gets more acceptable, doesn't it?

If this does not yet help, please consider this: The cost of labor in Germany is a multple of what it is for manufacturing the same item in China, which is clearly based on the conditions inside the country and the factory.

Also, the parts are made in much, much larger numbers in china than they are in the German company - why? But - even as I can't proof this because I don't have a laboratory for material testing - the quality of the German material aluminum and the qualitiy of manufacturing the parts is second to none! It is impossible that all of this does not reflect in the price of the part!!

And hopefully everyone who reads this, also understands it, too! Everybody has to know for themselves. The only thing I want to do, and - in the name of being fair to everyone, also the manufacturer - which should be done by everybody else, is to see Regards, Sven PS: I will definitely keep you guys updated on news from the "other side of the heli world" Send a private message to dchin Visit dchin's homepage!

Find More Posts by dchin Hi Sven , Im the type of guy if its not broke. No need too fix. Well Big Lama certainly did have issues , so obvious that im suprised Esky released model too market as is.

Well on mine anyways ,was restricting Flybar movement. Im very happy with performance now. I have Heli Flying like it should have from start. Im on like 30th flight since tinkering now. Well for me any other upgrades [unneeded]. Plastic parts have been fine.

The only tools you will need are a very good quality 1. The part that will most likely give you trouble is the set screw grub screw on the bottom shaft collar.

It's made from the softest metal known to man. Mine stripped. Once the lower shaft collar is removed, the rest is straight forward. In my opinion, the extended shaft kit pretty much fixes the blade strike problem for normal flying. If you want to fly more aggressively and you will , you should also do Peter's flybar mod. Good luck. The Big Lama really is a fantastic heli, once it's design flaws are fixed. It flies great and looks good in the air.

Send a private message to NRP. I got my 3 BL metal upgrade kits with the extended shaft today. Looking at the stock inner shaft next to the extended one doesn't look like much extension to me.

So, with the long inner shaft, I should only have to remove the gear, remove the stock shaft and just run the other shaft back in it's place and put the gear back on, plus the metal head assembly, right? It seems like it would be so easy to remove the stock head arrangement, then use a dual grub screw collar to fasten the other stock inner shaft to the top of the stock one and There must be a reason that won't work, or someone else would have thought of it before now.

Send a private message to Buz. Find More Posts by Buz. You need an ISP with webspace to post up an image. You can also sign upto free photo servers like www. We [hope] big lama blade should be released by Mid of August. I attached a photo of this blade. Cheers kim [Enclosure]" I think we have collectively worked out what the best blades are until now anyway.

Attached Thumbnails.


E sky Lama V3 Manual

Play Helicopter Games in Averish if you are a current customer. The Big Lama is completely factory assembled and ready to fly once the battery is charged. The electronic system has been completely adjusted by our engineers before packing, so no adjustment is needed. Standard package includes: a kit, a transmitter, charger, main blade, a chargeable battery, transmitter battery unit 8pcs , a ESKY softdog and a FlightSIM CD for computer,which are ready to fly out of box. Description The Big Lama is completely factory assembled and ready to fly once the battery is charged. Features Outdoor flight helicopter,great power against wind Co-axial. CM; speed


Esky lama replacement parts. Converted from esky big lama helicopter model for competition the international aerial robotics competition. Ek1he hunter honey bee esky helicopter 2. Due the big distance between bearing rotor and model. Disclaimer this manual displayed for online preview convenience. Esky big lama manual. Vu manual study guide design big guide ucas texas bow fishing guide.



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