For Businesses. Write a Review. This week the Colorado ballet is doing a brand new ballet of the Wizard of Oz. All new music- but a variety of fun dance tunes in many styles, with bluegrass, hoedown, Coplandesque moments and some rock and roll.

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For Businesses. Write a Review. This week the Colorado ballet is doing a brand new ballet of the Wizard of Oz. All new music- but a variety of fun dance tunes in many styles, with bluegrass, hoedown, Coplandesque moments and some rock and roll.

The tornado is quite impressi The costumes are what would happen if all of the crazy socks in your sock drawer interbred- neon stripes, spots and asymmetry rule the scene. There is a considerable use of black light which makes the colors pop. The assymetrical cuts of the costumes emphasize the spinning of the dancers. Young ballet dancers fill the role of grasshoppers and those costumes are so fun!

Toto is a real treat and the puppet dog is a huge treat. This takes a full professional ballet troupe with full orchestra and if you don't see if here at the Ellie between now and February 11, you won't see it! It could be destined to become a ballet classic like the Nutcracker. Opening night update: walking from my car I saw that the whole building is lit up Emerald City Green. Kudos to the person who had the idea and got it implemented!!

And I've been to the Ellie Caulkins a few times now and all have been good experiences. I've even taken a backstage tour through the Doors Open Denver weekend which gave a really cool perspective of the venue. I sat in the top level for the ballet on my most recent visit. We were in a curve portion in the second row. Definitely not my fav spot to sit since I had to sit up in my seat for the majority of the show.

We also had 2 very young kiddos that talked throughout the entire ballet. So that really put a damper on the performance since the parents did nothing but shh them the entire time. The ballet, Peter Pan, was wonderful though! Denver boasts one of the largest performing arts complexes in the country and my husband and I come as often as we can afford to. Our latest was to see the Wizard of Oz ballet.

The Ellie is now doing a security check; be prepared to have yourself and your bag scanned so arrive a little earlier than you would think you'd need to be there by. As we had arrived early, we were able to grab a pre-show drink. They are served in little compostable thankfully cups with lids so it feels a bit off to have a sippy cup of alcohol but you can take it with you into the theater.

The space itself is really beautiful and the ushers have all been really friendly. This isn't the theaters fault but the only issue we have had is getting our chairs kicked which is so frustrating when you are at an upscale event. I've never been disappointed seeing a performance here, and they really work hard to maintain the magic of the theater. The theater is always fun to go to. The formality of the staff is what makes it such a top-notch experience. You would think that you had been transported back decades with the way the staff treats the patrons, and I feel like this is what keeps that spark going and makes going to the theater such a wonderful experience.

I hope this never changes. I have always been impressed with DPAC's hiring because they have never resorted to hiring high schoolers to save a buck, and maintain and train their staff thoroughly. Most recently my husband and I attended Book of Mormon, and this is really where my appreciation grew. Every time I have attended a play I have typically had decent seats, but for this one and it was literally a take-what-I-can-get situation, and we ended up in the second to last row.

I was amazed that the quality of the theater setup made for a fantastic performance despite our nosebleed seats, though! You could see perfectly and the sound didn't suffer in the least.

My only complaint about Ellie Caulkins is that I wish there was more bar availability. We couldn't get a drink before the show but I chalked this up to our error, should have gotten there earlier. Right when intermission hit we ran straight to the bar and waited so long that we barely got a drink literally sat back in our seats as the music started playing , and we were actually closer to the beginning of the line than the end, so that means a lot of people went without a drink or had to be seated late.

Even this doesn't take away from the fantastic evening we had though, and I just want to thank the staff and DPAC for maintaining that feeling and keeping the magic alive! A truly special and appreciated experience. Awesome venue! We visited this evening for a show. This place is large enough yet comfortable. What my other half and I enjoyed was that the seating was very comfortable. My guy was able to get seating accommodation for his handicap and it really helped him enjoy his visit.

The layout was nice , it's brightly lit inside and the ushers were pleasant. While I only had a soft drink, they have some snacks. I didn't see anything that caught my eye to munch on. So far we've seen three show in three auditoriums here, this is the best. I've been here four times. It's pretty easy to appreciate anything that's presented here. They make it easy for you.

For me anytime parking sucks I refrain from making it my fave. One thing that stands out is the fact to start with; you can reserve your Parking days before your chosen event.

There's at least 6 floors of parking spaces in the garage. They get pretty full and best to go around four if your event is at or so. Which is most of the event are. Print your tix or use your iPhone app to self check in and park. There's an attendant there to help you just in case. Now the Ellie Caulkins venue itself? It's great. Seats are comfortable. Orchestra is the best if you can spare a few well earned moolah. The rest of the seating? If you can't spare some pretty change any location will do.

They're arranged so that anybody can see well. You doubt this? You have the right because you're right. The orchestra offers a closer look. But solve this issue with a binocular or a monocular. In the end the music sounds the same whatever area you're in. The bar before and after the performance serves the population well. Fast and attentive staff. Will call is right next to the entrance. More convenience for the public. The area is surrounded by restaurants and bars.

One of them The Office is right down the steps. So make it a night and enjoy one of the only three opera houses in the US and one of nine worldwide. With seatback tilting at every seat in the house! This is a beautiful building and venue. The acoustics are great.

The seating was about a 6 out of 10 on the comfort level. I would really love to see a play or concert here. Two entrances create long lines. Also long lines for the bathrooms and drinks, although I'm not sure they always have bars available. Drinks were expensive! The girls and I viewed the last screening at the Denver Film Festival here, and found it to be all of the above!

Phanominal experience, the service was outstanding. I highly recommend this place to any one who enjoys a good theatre performance.

This opera house is beautiful, but the seats aren't the most comfortable and there's nowhere to put your coat or bag. To be fair, this is a problem at basically every theater I've ever been to though. Our seats for the opera were left mezzanine, and they were pretty good.

I had a full view of the stage and although details were fuzzy, it wasn't like I was watching ants perform. I don't really like the subtitles being on the backs of the chairs. It's a little bit difficult to keep transferring your gaze from the seat back to the stage.

At the LA opera, the subtitles are actually supertitles projected above the stage, and I found that method easier to follow.


Ellie Caulkins Opera House Seating Chart

We love our music. Rock, alt-country, pop, hip-hop, classical, salsa and jazz — you name it, Coloradans flock to it. It features fresh Hawaiian food such as coconut chicken or ahi poke, a Hawaiian version of ceviche. Restrooms here are A-OK. That incorporates all 1, seats on the main level, and the back rows are way back.


Seating Charts

I'm looking at the seating chart for The Ellie but I do not understand how the balconies, mezzanine, parterre and orchestra "stack". Does the Mezz hang over the Parterre? Any suggestions for seating? I'm hoping to see Book of Mormon there in September.

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