Quick Links. Download this manual. This manual contains information on limitations regarding. Table of Contents.

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Quick Links. Download this manual. This manual contains information on limitations regarding. Table of Contents. Installation Manual PC Version 3. Smoke may not be able to reach the smoke detec- tors, such as when the fire is in a chimney, walls or roofs, or on Note to Installers the other side of closed doors. Smoke detectors may not detect This warning contains vital information. We are confident you will find the PC Wireless Receiver a unique and useful control panel enhancement.

Page 5: Introduction 1. To install and set up the PC and wireless devices, follow these steps. Refer to the sections listed below. Temporarily mount and wire the PC module see Section 2 2. Page 6: Compatible Wireless Devices 1. The PC v3. When mounting the PC in a basement, place the module as high and as close to the underside of the first floor as possible.

The range of the module will be reduced if the unit is mounted below ground level. Page 8: Enrolling Wireless Devices 5-digit and a 6-digit serial number printed on them. When connecting the PC to a PC v1.

When connect- ing the PC to a PC v2. Page 9 Enroll Wireless keys 1. Enter programming section []. Enter a 2-digit number [41]-[56] to assign the wireless key a slot. These numbers correspond to wireless key numbers Refer to your system Installation Manual for information on access code programming.

Page Other Programming See your system Installation Manual, for more information on each of the above programming sections. To exit press [ ].

When jamming signals are detected for 5 seconds, the control panel will generate a General System Tamper trouble, which will be reported immediately.

Use the Sensitive setting for installations in rural areas, or for installations where the zones are located at the far end of their range from the PC receiver. Use the Normal setting for all other applications. Following these steps will test the signal strength between the PC and the wireless devices. You can test all of the devices together global placement testing or test each device individually.

Continue to test the devices until both the PC and the devices are in good locations. If several wireless devices produce BAD test results, you may need to move the PC to a better location. Try testing the device in the same room as the receiver. See Section 3. Page Index 9 devices 12 global 10 panel 9 individual 11 delete device 9 motion detector 10 devices 2 mount adding 4 PC 10 devices 11 placement 10 removing 9 PC 11 distance from control trouble 12 troubleshooting 13 panel 1 number Page Limited Warranty The current market price of the replace application of the products.

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DSC RF5132-433 Thirty-Two Zone Wireless Receiver Module

This module allows any number of zones on a given system to be wireless. Allows for use of an DSC wireless sensors or remotes. Connects to the system keybus just like a keypad and can be mounted near the main control board or remote located up to a ft. Note: You can use only one wireless module per system. These built in the keypads offer the exact same functionality except their range may not be quite as good simply because the pads are generally mounted about 4 ft. DSC wireless operated on Mhz. Supports 32 wireless zones, 16 wireless keys All wireless detectors are fully supervised for communication integrity Compatible with all PowerSeries control panels.


DSC PC5132 Installation Manual



DSC PC5132-433 Installation Manual


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