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Moderators: drumsound , tomb. Message Board Skip to content. Quick links. I found one for pretty cheap but have no experiance with this model. Looks cheap. Anyone found any used for them or know if they are good for much of anything?

Derrick We have a pool Pond's good for you though. But the short of the long of it, they're useful for lots of stuff, especially if had for cheap. And like Mark said, do a search; there's tons of info. I feel their potential lies more in re-compressing things in the mix mode.

It will take a vocal track and push it right in your face. I used to have a handful of them back in my tape based days, but I got rid of all of them, except for a stereo pair.

Not sure if they came before or after the x. Exactly the same by all accounts though. Spec sheets are the same. Would love it if somebody knew the chronology. I assume the VCAs are the same. I was looking at a x at a shop this week and it is deep black vs the a which is a kinda faded green black.

I just didn't want to have one more thing around that I got because it was a good deal unles it really is useful. Right now, I only have various Symetrix and an Ashly compressor. I use it on kick drum a lot. Like I said, I don't want to keep gathering stuff just was a good deal, but if it's usable, then that's different.

Can't beat the price I guess Mine I'm happy to report is not noisy at all. Anyhow, it works really well. My only complaint is that on the guitar track I tested it on last night when I got home, the releas time seemed to be causing some breathing or is that punping? It would be so great if this thing had adjustments for this. But hey BTW, what is the H-Z adjustment for on the back?

Impeadance fot input I assume? Who is online Users browsing this forum: No registered users and 24 guests. Tape Op Magazine.


dbx 163X Over Easy Compressor / Limiter

In several ways it blurs the line between a rack unit and a pedal. The inputs and output are unbalanced. Unfortunately, the lowest and highest frequencies are a little bit attenuated, especially during heavy compression. The action is smooth, with some decent punch, but it is not adjustable apart from the "more" slider. It is a soft-knee system that automatically applies higher ratios to your stronger peaks, and lower ratios for lower level signals. It also has a jack and a button on the back for making a stereo pair with another X, where the controls of one unit affect the second connected one.


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