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Manual zz. We wish to save you time and money! We can assure you that a thorough reading of this manual will guarantee correct installation and safe use of the product described. All other use or changes that have not been previously authorised by the manufacturer, are considered improper.

Liability for injures or damage caused by improper use lies exclusively with the user. Warning: some of the electrical components in this instrument are live, and thus all service or maintenance operations must be performed by expert and skilled personnel only, aware of the necessary precautions to be taken. Before accessing the internal parts, disconnect the power supply. Disposal of the instrument The controller is made up of metal and plastic parts and a lithium battery optional.

All these components must be disposed of according to the local standards in force. Thanks to this new controller, the control software for single-circuit chillers and heat pumps ,small roof-top units, and precision air conditioners, can be quickly customised based on each manufacturer's requirements. The characteristics of the pCOXS perfectly suit the requirements of the manufacturers of air-handling units. Indeed, a dedicated version with Belimo MP-Bus protocol is now available.

The use of EasyTools, moreover, ensures the customer the maximum level of privacy and self-management when developing new programs on their own. Other types of programs can be developed to specific customer requirements.

The program and the parameters are saved permanently in the FLASH memory, preventing data loss in the event of power failure without requiring a backup battery.

Each board can exchange information any variable, digital or analogue, according to the application software at high transmission speeds. Up to 32 units can be connected, sharing information in very short times. The terminal does not have to be connected to the pCOXS for normal operation, but can be used for the initial programming of the fundamental parameters. PST terminal. The following versions of the user terminal display are available.

Therefore all alphabets can be displayed. The measured values can also be displayed in large format, so that they can be seen from a distance. The components of the terminal with graphic display are listed below.

To insert the card, first remove the protective shield in the area reserved for the optional printer card. The function of the shield is to increase immunity against terminal disturbances; the card is fitted by tightening the three screws in the three holes marked by the number 1 in Fig. To fasten the unit, press it lightly against the rail. The rear tabs will click into place, locking the unit to the rail.

Removing the unit is just as simple, using a screwdriver through the release slot to lever and lift the tabs. The tabs are kept in the locked position by springs. The power supply to the pCOXS controller and terminal or series of pCOXS controllers and terminals should be separate from the power supply to the other electrical devices contactors and other electromechanical components inside the electrical panel.

A V 1 AT fuse must be installed in the power supply line. Loosen each screw and insert the cable lug, then tighten the screws with an ideal torque of 0. Never use the same channelling including that used for the electrical cables for the power cables and probe cables. The probe connection must be made using shielded cables minimum cross-section for each lead: 0.

The different types of sensors can be selected via software. The following inputs can accept these sensors: B1, B2, after having configured the program. The connection diagram are shown below. The following inputs can accept these sensors: B1, B2, B3 and B4, after having configured the programon the board.

XS WARNING: separate the probe signal and digital input cables as much as possible from the inductive load and power cables, to avoid possible electromagnetic disturbance The following figure represents the connection diagrams digital inputs. Warning: the outputs are not optically-isolated, while the power supply to the pCOXS is insulated. XS Fig. The following figures show two common examples of connections. Table 4. PWM 1 no. PWM analogue outputs 1 total analogue outputs 3 Table 4.

For ease of installation, the common terminals of the first 3 relays have been grouped together. If the diagram in Fig. The relays are divided into 3 groups: J9, J10 and J Each group may have a different voltage. For the codes, see Instrument and accessory codes. To make the connection, simply insert the telephone connector in terminal J10 on the pCOXS and in terminal B on the user terminal.

Insert the connector fully into in the terminal until it clicks into place. To remove the connector, simply press lightly on the plastic flap and remove the cable. The pCOXS can also work without the terminal; do not disconnect and then reconnect the terminal to the pCOXS without first having waited around 5 seconds if the operation is performed with the unit on. The shield must be connected to the GND terminal of J The drilling template, in the case of panel mounting, must measure x mm.

When installing, carefully observe to the following instructions; 1. Then perform the electrical connections. The maximum thickness of the panel is 6 mm. Wall-mounting requires the use of the special mounting brackets and standard 3-module wallmounting switch box to allow the passage of the cables. Fasten the bracket to the wall, using the screws; finally, make the electrical connections and click the rear the of instrument onto the bracket. The electrical connections are the following.

If G0 is connected to GND for example, via the earth connection , the same polarity must be followed Fig. For correct system operation, the EPROM has to be inserted in the special socket on the board, making sure that the notch on the surface of the EPROM lines up with the reference notch silk-screened on the board.

The more commonly used in the case of the terminal with graphic display is shown in Tab. Once the EPROM has been inserted, remount the card which acts a shield or the optional printer card, before closing the cover, and switch the terminal on. Red pLAN 5. If one or more terminals are disconnected or malfunctioning, the control program continues to function correctly on each pCOXS board. Generally, the application program can monitor the status of the network and intervene as a consequence to ensure the continuity of the control functions.

Figure 5. The 32nd unit can only be a terminal. The programs for the different applications e. The addresses are set for the terminals using the dipswitches on the rear. Or alternatively press the and buttons normally menu and service, Fig. The graphic terminal does not requires the setting of the address, as this is determined by the program EPROM. The display of the values on each of these occurs simultaneously and not independently; it is like having a series of keypads and displays connected in parallel.

Each pCOXS constantly updates the display of its private terminals, while shared terminals, on the other hand, are only updated if the pCOXS in question is currently controlling it.

This logic is seen in Fig. Switching can also occur automatically on request, managed by the program.

The number and type of terminals is established during the initial configuration of the network. The boards are connected in parallel, with terminal J11 as the reference. The following figures show the connection diagrams for the various configurations. When the terminal is used in domestic environments, the cable must be shielded. The ferrite is mounted on the telephone connection cable on the terminal side see Fig.

This may be the same line that powers the pCOXS, or alternatively may be supplied by another transformer. MP-BUS network. For the section, type and maximum length of the connection, please refer to the Belimo documentations. Below is an example of a three-wire connection with 24 VDC power supply, including, as well as the bus, the supply to the individual actuators.

These sensors must be connected to terminal 3 on the actuator, and the connections vary according to the type of sensor used; the readings are acquired by the servo control and transferred digitally to the controller via the bus.

Below are some examples showing the connection of the sensors. Tarjetas opcionales 7. Optional cards 7. It guarantees the optical-isolation of the controller from to the RS serial network. The maximum baudrate is baud set via software. The pCOXS does not feature a programming key or flash memory expansion. It is used to interface with an external printer: the choice of data to print and the print properties depend on the application program contained in the EPROM on the graphic terminal.

The values measured by the sensors are converted into signals that can be read by the inputs on the pCOXS electronic board for more information refer to the user manual for the application program code PCOUMID To safeguard operators and the cards, disconnect power before performing any operations. Electrical damage may occur to the electronic components as a result of electrostatic discharges from the operator.


Carel manual pco3

Manual zz. We wish to save you time and money! We can assure you that a thorough reading of this manual will guarantee correct installation and safe use of the product described. All other use or changes that have not been previously authorised by the manufacturer, are considered improper. Liability for injures or damage caused by improper use lies exclusively with the user.


Carel pCO series User Manual

Quick Links. Table of Contents. Application program standard air-conditioning units 44 pages. Page 3 CAREL, its employees or subsidiaries be liable for any lost earnings or sales, losses of data and information, costs of replacement goods or services, damage to things or people, downtime or any direct, indirect, incidental, actual, punitive, exemplary, Page The applications developed for the pCO can simply and quickly transferred from one hardware platform to another and vice-versa , simply adapting only the inputs and the outputs; Page 9 pCO Sistema 3 3 3 3 2.

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