The common problem is closing the Equipment palette and not knowing how to get it back open as you had it. Matthew, can you tell me why the Thread Series drop down list in Cadworx Equipment is not showing up when I try to put bolts in a saddle? Showpalettes had no effect, though it was definitely turning back on palettes hidden by Hidepalette. Thanks for sharing the info here. So when I forget something, I can come here and find it again. Also — if you want to look into or edit an.

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Facebook Google Twitter. Password Hide. Remember me. I agree to the Terms. Lost your password? Please enter your email address. You will receive a link to create a new password. Toggle navigation. Embed Script. Size px x x x x All Rights Reserved. Government Restricted Rights Legend Use, duplication, or disclosure by the government is subject to restrictions as set forth below. For civilian agencies: This was developed at private expense and is "restricted computer software" submitted with restricted rights in accordance with subparagraphs a through d of the Commercial Computer Software - Restricted Rights clause at Unpublished - rights reserved under the copyright laws of the United States.

Intergraph Corporation P. If the licensee has a valid signed license for this software product with Intergraph Corporation, the valid signed license shall take precedence and govern the use of this software product. Subject to the terms contained within the applicable license agreement, Intergraph Corporation gives licensee permission to print a reasonable number of copies of the documentation as defined in the applicable license agreement and delivered with the software product for licensee's internal, non-commercial use.

The documentation may not be printed for resale or redistribution. Warranties and Liabilities All warranties given by Intergraph Corporation about equipment or software are set forth in the EULA provided with the software or applicable license for the software product signed by Intergraph Corporation, and nothing stated in, or implied by, this document or its contents shall be considered or deemed a modification or amendment of such warranties.

Intergraph believes the information in this publication is accurate as of its publication date. The information and the software discussed in this document are subject to change without notice and are subject to applicable technical product descriptions.

Intergraph Corporation is not responsible for any error that may appear in this document. The software discussed in this document is furnished under a license and may be used or copied only in accordance with the terms of this license. No responsibility is assumed by Intergraph for the use or reliability of software on equipment that is not supplied by Intergraph or its affiliated companies.

Intergraph is not responsible for the accuracy of delivered data including, but not limited to, catalog, reference and symbol data. Users should verify for themselves that the data is accurate and suitable for their project work.

Microsoft, and Windows are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. Other brands, and product names are trademarks of their respective owners. All rights reserved.

Autodesk, Inc. Such provisions are made expressly for the benefit of Autodesk, and are enforceable by Autodesk in addition to Intergraph. Contents Preface We welcome comments or suggestions about this documentation. You cannot print this document for resale or redistribution outside your company.

Conventions Before reviewing this guide, it is important to understand the terms and conventions used in the documentation.

Use the information below to identify the convention and the type of information. Substitute your installation folder anywhere this notation is used. Items that need to be typed in or appear at the AutoCAD command line. User responses to command prompts. Command line options. AutoCAD system variables or keywords. A dialog box opens and displays the version information. Close the dialog box to send the required information to the AutoCAD command line.

Copy the information from the command line, and email it to Intergraph CAS. CADWorx Plant component data file creation Email information about the part's dimension from the manufacturer's catalog. FLS file. CFG, Database. TBL, Map. Usually, all of these files are located in one folder. Most email servers have restrictions on transmitting MDB attachments.

If the model consists of many components, indicate in the model which components or location you are having issues with. If the model consists of several line numbers, indicate in the email which line numbers you are having issues with.

CDR file. If you cannot attach your drawing files, then try to duplicate the issue in a new drawing with as few components as possible. If the issue can be duplicated in a new drawing, attach the duplicate drawing to Intergraph CAS. For hardware lock issues, first verify that you have an Intergraph CAS hardware lock. What's New in Equipment Version R2 The package lets you accurately build units such as vessels, exchangers, tanks and pumps quickly and effortlessly.

Also, vessels and exchangers can be bi-directionally linked to Intergraph PV Elite for engineering analysis. For more information, see Equipment Setup on page For more information, see Equipment Console on page For more information, see Utilities on page Contact Technical Support on page 8 for any questions or comments. A printed version of this online help file can be found in the root installation folder as an Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF file.

Layers - Displays the Layer Control dialog box. Click Layers on the Equipment Setup dialog box. The Layer Control dialog box displays. Type the name of the new layer in the Name box. Click Add. The Equipment Setup dialog box displays. Select the layer to rename. Type the new name for the layer in the Name box. Click Update. Delete a layer 1.

Select the layer to delete. Click Delete. If a layer is required, Delete is not available. Change the line type of a layer 1. Click Linetype. Select the line type to associate with the layer. Click OK on the Select Linetype dialog box. Click Color. The Select Color dialog box displays. Select the color to associate with the layer. Click OK on the Select Color dialog box.

Edit a configuration variable 1. The Configuration File dialog box displays. Select the variable to edit from the list. Type the new value for the variable. For more information, see Startup Variables on page Click Save.

Restore a configuration file 1. Click Restore. The Select a Configuration to Use dialog box displays. Select the configuration file to restore. Click Open on the Select a Configuration to Use dialog box. Click Save As. The Save Configuration As dialog box displays. Specify the location and file name for the configuration file.


cadworx equipment user guide

Embed Size px x x x x The enclosed proprietary encoded materials, hereinafter referred to as the Licensed Program s , are the property of COADE and are provided to you under the terms and conditions of this License Agreement. You assume responsibility for the selection of the appropriate Licensed Program s to achieve the intended results, and for the installation, use, and results obtained from the selected Licensed Program s. Use of the Licensed Program s on one machine.


CADWorx Equipment User Guide

Licensee should carefully read the following terms and conditions before installing this Software Product. By installing, copying, downloading, accessing or otherwise using the Software Product, Licensee agrees to be bound by the terms of this Software License Agreement "Agreement". If Licensee does not agree with these terms, Licensee should promptly return this media package for a full refund. Licensee assumes responsibility for the selection of this Software Product to achieve Licensees intended results and for the installation, use, and results obtained from this Software Product. This Software Product is a proprietary product and contains confidential information of COADE and relevant third parties and is protected by copyright laws and international treaty.


5 Tips on using CADWorx Equipment in CADWorx Plant Professional

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