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Quick Links. Download this manual See also: Instructions for Installation and Servicing. Table of Contents. Control module for boilers equipped with ems or ems plus 64 pages. Page 3: Table Of Contents 5.

Page 4 6 Information for setting the RC Page 6 Note on using this manual: Section 5. In the sections which come after it, programming is only exexplained in outline. Page 7: Safety Instructions B In the event of a fault: remedy the fault immediately. Warning: device damage The RC35 has no field serviceable parts inside. Any attempt to open the housing will cause internal damage, render the device inoperable, and void the manufacturer's warranty. Page 8: Getting Started Press the button.

Page 9 In the case of large heating systems with multiple heating zones, note the following: The modifications in room temperature described above apply to all heating zones assigned to the RC35 user interface these are the RC35 heating zones page Page 10 B To change the contrast: hold down the to change the contrast on the buttons and turn the dial display?

Page Product Description Product description 3. You can set the room temperature for your entire home using the dial. The automatic mode with its adjustable programs ensures energy-saving operation by reducing the room temperature at certain times or shutting down heating completely adjustable night setback. Page Basic Operation Basic operation Basic operation 4. Page Changing The Room Temperature Temporarily The automatic program uses the temperatures normally set for day and night mode.

A night room temperature cannot be set. The display will show a message to that effect. No selection is possible if there is only one heating zone to choose from. All RC35 heating zones have the same room temperature settings. If no selection is possible or if you select RC35 heating zones, you will be setting the same temperatures as described on page Release the button. The hours are saved.

Repeat steps 1 to 3 to set the minutes. The set time is shown briefly. The standard display then re-appears. Page 19 Tab. Set to allow water heating to be set from the RC The operating mode buttons have no function in the Info menu. Page Messages On The Display 4. It is only switched off if the heating system is switched off, such as for maintenance purposes.

Page 24 The standard display appears again. Page Overview Of The User Menu Heating up domestic hot water to kill potential pathogens disinfection corrected room Calibrate displayed room temperature with the help of a thermometer. Page Heating Zone Selection Heating zones with mixing valve, i. Displayed only if more than one heating zone is assigned to the RC Page 27 The supply temperature is the heating water temperature, generated by the boiler, as it is supplied to the heating zone.

With the RC35 user interface, you can operate and control multiple heating zones Fig. Page 28 1 Heating zone selection is not possible if there are no other heating zones available, such as DHW for example. Page Adjusting The Standard Display — collector temperature with solar heating systems only 5.

For other heating zones, use this menu item. For explanations of the settings, see the documentation for the solar module. However, you can also set separate programs for both functions sections 5. The enter switch point menu item page 36 opens automatically for you to create your program. Page 33 afternoons only am pm pm am am Tab. Page 34 You can save and later select two new or modified programs as custom 1 or custom 2.

The selected switch point starts flashing. Hold down the button and turn the dial to change the time for that switch point. Repeat steps 1 to 3 to enter other switch points.

Turn the dial to go to other days. Press when you have finished making entries. Page Deleting Set Point 1 or custom 2 or select not saved to cancel. The selected program, custom 1 or custom 2, is used from now on for that heating zone.

The room temperature is set as described below. Page Setting Vacation Mode 3. Select the heating zone to be switched over to vacation mode: — complete system: heating zones, water heating and DHW circulation. Page 42 The cover must be closed when you do so. B Answer the question Continue cancelling the vacation mode? Page 43 2 No separate program was created for the recirculation pump, that is, the switching times of the recirculation pump and of the DHW program are the same.

When the time has expired, it will return to the automatic mode. Page Setting Thermal Disinfection 5. If you wish to adjust the RC35 to match the thermometer i. Page 46 User menu A thermometer may indicate temperature fluctuations more slowly or rapidly than the RC B so never calibrate the RC35 when your heating system is in the process of cooling down or heating up.

Open the User menu. Do this by pressing the night button. Page Troubleshooting Why does a separate thermometer not match the room temperature set in the RC35? Various different factors influence the room temperature. If the RC35 is installed on a cold wall, it will be influenced by the cold temperature of that wall. Conversely, it will be influenced by the heat from a fireplace or chimney, if it is installed in a warm part of the room. Page 50 In the last two cases the boiler may run even if the recorded room temperature is higher than the set room temperature.

Page Resetting Faults Reset For instructions on carrying out the reset function on the boiler control panel, see the technical documentation for the boiler. B If the fault cannot be reset the display continues to flash , notify your heating contractor. Page Setup Log Heating zone 4 Tab. Page Index Pump Page 57 Switch-on point This manual is also suitable for: Logamatic ems.

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Buderus RC35 Operating Instructions Manual

Quick Links. Download this manual See also: Instructions for Installation and Servicing. Operating instructions Logamatic EMS. Table of Contents. Twin channel modulating programmable room thermostat 4 pages. Exception: in the case of boilers with UBA1. On boilers with UBA1.


Buderus 8718593305, Room controller RC35 1 EMS V4

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ISO 7823-1 PDF

Buderus RC35 digital control

Manual zz. Installation and service instructions 6 Introduction to the service menu Chapter 4. Operation is only briefly dealt with in the following sections. Display texts Words appearing on the display are shown in bold in flowing text. If there is a danger due to electricity, the exclamation mark in the warning triangle is replaced by a lightning symbol.

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