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How fall protection systems and anchorage devices for buildings should be designed in order to be safe and reliable is stipulated in DGUV Publication formerly BGI : "Basic planning guidelines for anchorage devices on roofs".

This publication is directed at building owners, planners and the users of individual fall arrest solutions on buildings and defines all the important planning criteria, such as the fall danger zone. In addition, it offers guidelines for securing a fall danger zone using individual and effective fall protection measures.

DGUV Publication is divided into four sections. The first section deals with typical fall hazards, the most crucial danger zones and the basics of an individual fall protection system. It not only describes personal fall protection equipment e.

The second section deals with planning anchorage systems and goes on to define four major hazards that need to be taken into consideration when planning and installing an arresting system:.

The closing Appendix to DGUV Publication stipulates the rules for installing and inspecting anchorage devices. It also includes a clear description of how the documentation of the maintenance work and annually-prescribed inspections needs to be put together. This website includes a Planning Guide which will help you to design your own individual fall arrest system.

Would you prefer to place the planning in the hands of the experts? Find out more here. Press Distributors Fall arrest manual Contact Chat. Sie haben sich dieses Produkt gemerkt. Toggle navigation bookmark 0 Sie haben sich dieses Produkt gemerkt. The shaded area shows the fall danger zone on a roof surface. The third section presents rules for deploying personal fall protection equipment Anchorage device inspections The closing Appendix to DGUV Publication stipulates the rules for installing and inspecting anchorage devices.

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