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In order to be more efficient in your search, in what forum do you want to search? Log in. Hello all. Symptoms are sound repeating sort of blahblahblahblah Basically the PC shuts down, locks or something like that.

No blue screen of death. Sound issues! Tried running games with sound disabled, but they still crash. Then I re-read the manuals and went through the assembly steps again. Something caught my attention on the MOBO manual. Chapter , Hardware information. System stability! Magic words! That is what I want!! Cool, I see it. Now all I have to do is connect the chassis fan cable!

Which is? Dummy alert. I have 3 fans on the chassis All fans are connected via black and red wires to the power source, not to the motherboard.

What should it look like? Should it be on the large fan? One green and white was for the casing LEDs I think. What to do? I have the latest catalyst 8.

Any older drivers better than 8. TIA -dolfo. Reply Share this post. So the only advantage in using that plug is that you can monitor the fan in the BIOS or with utilities. If you have already enough fans in your tower your fine. You can buy fans which have a plug for that connection or maybe get an adapter, but the only difference is the monitoring ability.

If you think heat might be a problem, try running the games with the tower side open should be cooler that way. See if that makes a difference. Also post your system specs and power supply, maybe your psu isn't good enough. Also there are tools which can readout temps, you might want to check them out.

I think you have found the answer. You will need to replace one of your fans that is attached to the PSU. I don't think this is only about monitoring The Northbridge of this motherboard is protected at 90 deg Celcius. Feedback messages on my online shop say nVidea is releasing new drivers soon. Keep an eye on the Asustek site for chipset updates. Y ou could consider a 3rd party chipset cooler. Contact Us Archive Top. The email address for your Ubisoft account is currently: Verify now.

The time now is PM.

945G M3 PDF

Asus Striker II Formula User Manual

In truth, the chipset just selects the nearest available memory divider to what the user inputs into the BIOS memory speed option. Basically, NVIDIA employs a lot of memory dividers and this gives them what appears to be a lot more freedom for overclockers. For asynchronous memory speeds to work properly, additional tRD offsets must be employed to ensure that bus-to-bus data transfers fall within the timing window set by CAS Column Address Strobe , the applied divider, and tRD. The result of this is usually a performance penalty, which is especially apparent when there are fewer memory cycles to FSB cycles using a "down" divider within a given period.


ASUS Striker II Formula under the Microscope




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