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By Yvonne Frost. Teaches you how to differentiate between astral travel and conventional dreaming. You can learn to control your experiences. Complete instructions for astral dreaming, twilight zone astral travel, meditative-statetravel, travel in the spiritual realms, helping and healing with astral travel, and much more.

It happens to everyone. It is real—but how can such a thing be? During the past decade more than a thousand people have been involved in the research. From their tens of thousands of reports has come this small volume. The long years of research and cross-correlation of results have culminated in the simple instructions that are contained herein. People from all walks of life, some barely literate, others renowned scholars, have banded together in this selfless effort to push back a final occult frontier of inner space.

Centuries of fear, ignorance and suppression have now given way before the inquiring minds of the dedicated people who make up the research team. In England they still work under the pseudonym of the Canterbury Institute, for even today many of the scholars fear for their reputation and standing in the community if their involvement in occult research were to become known. The only way fear and suppression can be overcome is by the expansion of knowledge: that is why we encourage you to take part in, and report on, your own experiments.

Not only that, they have the same astral-travel experiences. Reading recent texts on the subject of astral travel discloses no mention of these phenomena, though, as you will see in Chapter 9, ancient writings support the existence and the authenticity of these modern findings.

Some of the more interesting discoveries are:. Despite many attempts by each of the researchers in turn, it was not possible to go to any recognizable area of spiritual torment. Upward and onward, yes; everyone could reach those realms.

Downward, back into negativity? In thousands of astral-projection cases it has been found that you cannot project to specific time zones. Your great-grandfather's mezzotint picture is fading away. In the same manner, when you travel into previous time zones your perception of the scene fades in the mists of the past. Conversely, as you move forward into the future the scene's constituents intensify.

Sounds and colours grow more harsh and more bright until eventually they become so strident as to be painful. Your ability to affect events varies with the time zone you are in.

You have no power to affect history, but much power to affect events in the future. In some ways Side is comparable to heaven; however, most clergy, not having visited it, are unable to convey its actuality to you. After reading this book, you will be able to visit the realm for yourself; for it is a real place that you can explore with equanimity and confidence.

These are but a few of the concepts never before made public. When you begin to apply them in your life, they will enlarge your understanding of the marvellous cosmos in which we all exist. The files at Canterbury Institute and at the School of Wicca contain thousands of letters from researchers who felt the impulse to write and thank the team for the unexpected yet very real benefits that the participants gained, in both their mundane and spiritual lives.

I have never before experienced such serenity and tranquillity. Being an elderly woman 83 my last birthday , I was very worried about what was awaiting me when I died.

Now I know. I have no more fear. In fact I am quite looking forward to my transition into the realms of light. I no longer cling to my great-grandchildren, for I know that I will be able to see them forever. I pray every day that your great work will be able to proceed. Question upon question raced through my astral consciousness.

Were Gavin and Yvonne really reliable? Was the train going to kill me? Or would I come off unscathed, as they had promised? Was I crazy to place my trust in people I had never met, and in some rather glib statements in some lectures I had received through the mail? Yes, the train hit me and my astral body went on a curving upward course through the engine, the tender, and the first freight car. The impact was slight. Just as had been promised, I was light as a feather.

Now I was floating above the train with confused memories of moving mechanical parts, gauges, a tank of diesel fuel, interspersed with lots of free space. This experience gave me the confidence to go further into the realms of astral travel, and now I believe I have explored all except the outermost realms of time and the uppermost spiritual domains.

I am a Christian still firmly committed to my faith. Many things I have seen and done have led me to a new understanding of the meaning of the Bible and of Jesus. I can never express my gratitude for all you have done for me; and I wish you well. May the bonds between all religions grow in love. The foregoing is an extract from a letter written by a paraplegic veteran. Once he was on the verge of suicide because he was, he thought, condemned for the rest of his natural life to sit in a wheelchair and be tended by others.

Astral travel added a new dimension to his life, a dimension where he spends as much time as he can while his body remains in its wheelchair.

If only people would experiment as I have done! Not only would they lose their fear of the astral realms, but they would also have a far more serene life and lose their fear of death and dying. You can follow our friend into the astral realms. At the time of writing, even more subjects are conducting experiments for us and in that way are contributing to this work.

We believe the instructions we give here are the most comprehensive, the easiest to understand and follow, that have ever been offered to the public.

They are not the results of one or two people's by-chance astral trips; they are the result of a large body of trained subjects working with conscious intent for a common end. The participants come from all walks of life, and from all nations of the free world. You can astral travel too. You can do it without fear, for no one in all the thousands of letters and reports that we have on file has ever reported any difficulty.

This book is intended as a practical guide, a book you can use to follow others on to the astral. We recommend that you first read it through to get the general gist and meaning. Then, and most importantly, you should read it a second time and try out the instructions contained in each chapter before proceeding to the next. The Pyramids and the Sphinx of ancient Egypt bear witness to the greatness of the civilization that existed in those far-off days.

In Egypt was found the Rhind Papyrus; on that papyrus are inscribed from ancient days all the degrees of latitude from the Equator to the North Pole. The ancient Mayans produced a calendar more accurate than the one we use today.

The Mayans were able to chart the progress of the planets to an accuracy of better than one day in six thousand years. Only since the invention of the atomic crystal clock have modern scientists been able to improve very slightly on the accuracy of the Mayan calendar. Other cultures in South America also had astounding knowledge and skills.

The monumental structures and city buildings made from cut stone by the Incas on the tops of mountains are a well-known enigma that remains to be explained.

Modern construction equipment would have difficulty in duplicating the work of the Incas. When viewing those mountain sites, modern contractors shake their heads in wonder and amazement; and despite a millionaire's offer of funding, no contractor has yet been found who would attempt to duplicate the work. That measure is based on the foot, which is not, as many suppose, derived from the anatomy of some long-dead king but is, instead, an astronomically perfect measure.

There are many other common beliefs shared by peoples who were separated from one another by thousands of miles. Various theorists have propounded different hypotheses for the very sophisticated scientific knowledge displayed by ancient peoples. In recent years the ancient-astronaut theory has received a lot of attention.

In our opinion, there may indeed have been ancient astronauts; however, astral travel seems to us to be a far easier way for knowledge to have been transmitted from one ancient civilization to another. It is our premise that this knowledge came from astral guidance and that the peoples involved knew the realms where they could contact higher beings and get information from them.

In support of this theory, ancient Egyptian writings clearly show that they had knowledge of astral travel and that in healing they regularly separated the patient's consciousness from his mundane body so the patient would feel no pain while healing was being accomplished.

Thus astral projection seems to have been an ancient universal experience important enough to be recorded in early writings. During the Middle Ages men began to scoff at astral experiences; such experiences were not sanctioned by state-controlled religions.

At about the same time, eastern meditation was changed. No longer was the meditator allowed to float free astral project ; instead he was ordered to concentrate on a single mantra. Because of world-wide suppression of those experiences, the source of infinite knowledge available to the Ancients was lost to us.

Only in the last decade or so, with the new legitimacy of astral travel and its scientific testing by such people as Dr Charles Tart of the University of California at Davis, has it become acceptable. With the aid of this book, you too can tap into the knowledge that enriched the life of the Ancients: astral knowledge which can be of vital importance in your growth today.

Do not try to evaluate astral travel with cold logic, for if you do you will miss the whole point. The astral reality is not necessarily a logical place in terms of the physical world. We urge you to try the experiments we suggest. Experience controlled astral travel for yourself. Expand your awareness. Then judge the results for yourself.

Astral projection, or more simply, letting your spirit travel without your body, is one of the most useful and entertaining skills you can ever learn. You can watch others in their daily lives facing and overcoming problems; you can learn what other people honestly think of you; you can find out what really happened in history—and what is to happen in the future.

In their private lives people do the most amazing and amusing things.


Astral Travel: Your Guide to the Secrets of Out-Of-The-Body Experiences

A practical guide that teaches you how to differentiate between astral travel and conventional dreaming. You can learn to control and monitor your experiences for increased awareness Complete instructions for astral dreaming, twilight zone astral travel, meditative-state travel, travel in the spiritual realms, helping and healing with astral travel, and much more. Frost co-founded the Church and School of Wicca in Convert currency.


Astral Travel : Your Guide to the Secrets of out-of-the-Body Experiences


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Astral Travel


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