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The equivalents listed below should be only considered as rough equivalents. Special care should be taken before substituting grades to make sure that an acceptable substitute is being used.

For example, grade 8. Similarly, grade A, however, is a socket head cap screw standard, so studs and hex bolts are left out and do not have a direct equivalent. Portland Bolt is happy to help if you have specific questions or needs. We cannot manufacture metric sizes or bolts to metric grades, and we are not able to make recommendations, but we can work with you to determine what is feasible and cost effective if a substitution is allowed.

Phone: Hilmi- threads can be produced by either method, so you will need to check with your supplier and find out how they are producing theirs. If we were to manufacture a bolt of that size albeit in an imperial equivalent size , we would cut thread them. Thank you! We cannot say however, that they are exactly equivalent, only similar. Heinrich- Apologies, we do not stock any We specialize in custom construction anchor bolt.

Is an ISO grade 5. Alejandro- ISO class 5. It appears to be very similar to 5. It also requires a charpy impact test. We would say that it is similar to AB in that it is mild steel and lower in strength, but it is not an identical crossover. Would an A Galv Assembly be comparable I know I would have to get approval from my engineer but metric is proving to be difficult to find.

James- Grade It is certainly possible that an A will work in your application, but you are correct in needing an engineer to approve that kind of substitution. Mashkoor- An AM bolt is a male threaded heavy hex structural bolt, whereas the A 10S is the female threaded heavy hex nut used with the aforementioned bolt. My black finished Asad- You are correct that caution should be used when galvanizing There are several other coating options; zinc, Geomet, or other various proprietary coatings that are alternatives to hot dip galvanizing.

FM, which is no longer in use, does not prohibit other coatings. ISO is the current standard for metric Ramiz- The AISC says that galvanized A bolts shall never be reused, whereas for plain finish bolts they can be used at the discretion of the project engineer. We are not aware of any such guidelines for 8. Is it possible to use bolt classe 8.

None of the three will have any inherent corrosion resistance unless you choose to coat them. Tom- Any material substitutions should be approved by the project engineer. That said, A bolts and Ashraf- A B7 is mechanically similar to 8. We do not see an issue in replacing 8.

Hello Dave. What is the advantage of using bolts 8. Which process would hydrogen embrittlement be the most affected. We want to use these bolts for structural steel bases. George — 8. They can be hot dip galvanized without embrittlement issues. Dacromet is also allowed, but it is being discontinued due to ROHS concerns.

Hareshchandra — We are not very familiar with ISO , but we do believe there are many grades 4. Nisa- We are sorry, but are unsure of what you are asking. We sell and can manufacture inch-dimensioned products. We do not handle metrics nor do we know much about them. Application is Deaerator Columns, for bolting Columns to module structure:.

DH for Nuts. Bilal- For the bolts, those grades are very similar from a chemical and mechanical standpoint, but any substitution should approved by the project engineer as there are subtle differences between the two. So Im worry that Abdelaziz- You are correct, B7 is formulated for high temperature applications, whereas Leon- As long as the C material you chose to use meets the mechanical and chemical requirements of 5. C is typically furnished as chemicals only, so you may need to test it to assure the proper mechanical requirements are met.

Remis- You would need to have that substitution approved by the project engineer. There are similarities between those bolts, but some differences as well. Hello Dane, Could you please help me. Can a Grade 8. Many thanks in advance, regards, David. A charpy test would tell you if the 8.

Chris- Apologies, but we are unsure what CTE means. Prashun- Apologies, but we are not familiar enough with all the various ISO standards to know which grade is the closest equivalent. Eman- Apologies but we are not familiar enough with ISO fastener standards to know what the equivalent would be. KK-No, A B7 is a high strength bolting material designed for high temperature, high pressure applications.

Grade 8. They should not be substituted without approval from the project engineer. Are you the contact person for your company? I have sent a no. Kindly advise contact details. Thank you. Ken- If you are sending in a sales inquiry, please send it to sales portlandbolt. If you are sending a purchasing inquiry, please send it to me. Dear Dane, Please advise. Thank you and Regards, Dinar. Dinar- As long as the bolt meets the requirements of the application, and fits in the hole, you should be able to use either metric or imperial fasteners depending on which is more readily available.

Do you have the following info for metric grade 5. David- It does not appear that class 5. The minimum hardness is 82 HRB. Niels- Yes, A screws have a specified minimum tensile strength of ksi depending on diameter , and the threshold for hydrogen embrittlement concerns is ksi.

Ranjith- Thank you for your question, but we are unfamiliar with the DIN standards, so cannot help in this case. First off thank you for all the technical information Portland Bolt has brought together and made available to the public.

I find myself here almost every work day. Also, does the A have to be used or is it acceptable to use SAE J Gr 5 as a material specification for plain carbon steel metric bolts. I just want to avoid creating issues for our procurement team by using the wrong spec?

Michael- B8 and B8M is and , respectively. Those should be pretty easily obtainable. Parminder — Apologies, but we are not familiar with any grade 6. We want to go for Anchor bolts with SI system.

What shall be refered for its SI equivalent. I failed to found it. Requested to give your openion. Vasant — I am not aware of any direct metric equivalent for F That said, if you can find a manufacturer who can manufacture to metric dimensions, there is no reason they cannot just make bolts to meet the chemical and mechanical requirements of F, but with metric dimensions. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Portland Bolt is operating at full capacity. As always, an engineer should be consulted before grade substitutions are made. Hi Looking for


ASTM F568 Class 12.9 ASTM F568M





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