This user manual will help you take full advantage of the features of your Ascom Eurit 25 phone. You will find the following features particularly useful: — Up to 3 users on the same set, with individual settings Because the Ascom Eurit 25 can handle up to 3 numbers, it is an ideal phone for households with several members. The user key enables effortless switching between users. Everyone can immediately find his or her own number with customised settings. Each number can be programmed with its own settings, including: ringing melody and volume, charge accounting per user, various call forwarding options etc.

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Quick Links. Download this manual. Table of Contents. Page 3: Operating And Display Elements Operating and display elements The display Single line, alphanumerical display and display-symbol bar. Please read this operating manual carefully to take full advantage of the features offered by your new Eurit Page 5 Contents User-specific settings Ringing tone Suppress number Suppress call waiting On-hook dialling Dial from the unanswered calls list Dialling a number from the LOG memory Dialling from the directory Dialling using speed-dial keys..

Keypad information Settings for operation with a PBX Exchange access code Incoming exchange access code Call transfer by going on-hook Call transfer using disconnect Automatic keypad send Important information Page 7: Installation And Startup For the wall-mounting kit please contact your local supplier Insert the plastic feet in the appropriate slots in the housing base 0. Fasten the two screws to the wall and hang your Eurit 22 by clipping the screw heads into the two holes on the telephone base 0.

Lay the label in the recess under the handset and fit the perspex cover. Page 9: Basic Operating Information Basic operating information The Eurit 22 allows you to define up to three users on the same telephone.

Page Acoustic Signals Basic operating information Your telephone provides additional information during use by emitting acoustic signals: Confirmation tone Your telephone confirms correct entry or adaptation of an entry with two short, high-pitched tones. Warning tone In the event of an incorrect action or input, a single, low-pitched tone is sounded. Page Basic Settings The settings described below are user-independent and are valid for all users.

To be able to use all the functions of your Eurit 22, you must define at least one user i. Your telephone will ring when a call is received for one of the defined numbers. Page Date And Time When the telephone is first connected and as long as no incoming calls have been received the date and time are displayed.

As soon as calls are received by your Eurit 22, the number of calls and the time are displayed. To ensure that the displayed call charge is correct, the call charge factor must be set. When the telephone leaves the factory the call charge factor is set to The current call charge factor can be obtained from your telecoms operator.

Page Language If you telephone a great deal, you can connect a headset headphones and microphone set to the Eurit Once you have selected operation with headset, calls can be accepted or cut off using the loudspeaker key. Confirm the menu selection by pressing I. Confirm the menu selection by pressing OK. Page User-Specific Settings Ensure that a different melody is selected for each user so that it is possible to differenti- ate between the incoming calls.

Warning: If you select volume 0, your Eurit 22 no longer rings. The LED above m lights. Dial the number. You can also suppress your number with Eurit 22 by pressing and in the basic state. Page 19 If you are engaged in a call, a second incoming call is indicated by an acoustic signal tone. Your Eurit 22 stores the last 10 telephone numbers dialled in the redial memory, regardless of which user entered the numbers the redial memory is user-independent.

You can redial these The number in brackets means that a total of 3 calls to your Eurit 22 have not been answered. The number before the bracket indicates that 2 of these calls were intended for the user who is currently active Page 22 Dialling Your Eurit 22 registers the last 10 calls which were received and answered for all users.

You can dial these numbers without having to enter the number. Press and B in order to select a number from the last answered numbers log. The number, or if the number of the calling party is in your directory the name of the last call answered is displayed.

Page 23 Dialling initiate speed dialling i. The preprogrammed number is displayed. Lift the handset or press I and the number will be dialled. You can combine several abbreviated numbers or abbreviated numbers and numbers from the directory This procedure can, for example, be used for provider selection Call by Call. Page Making A Call Making a call When an incoming call is received, the ringing tone is dependent upon the called user.

This permits incoming calls to be differentiated. The number of the calling party is displayed providing the caller permits this and the number is available. Page 25 A call can be listened to by other people in the room by switching to loudspeaker. During a conversation press a; you can now hear the conversation via the handset and the loud- speaker. If the conversation is to be continued via the handset only, press a a second time. Page Directory Numbers in your directory must always be entered together with the dialling prefix.

For operation in conjunction with a PBX note the following: the Eurit 22 to identify the number as external exchange access code is automatically inserted. Confirm by pressing Enter the name and confirm by pressing I.

Lift the handset or press to dial the number. Page 28 Depending on your provider, call charge information may not be transmitted. You are talking to one party and wish to make a brief call to another party without clearing the existing call the first call is automatically put on hold. Page 29 You have initiated an enquiry call and wish to alternate between the two calls.

Press to return to your first call. Press m again to return to the enquiry call. During brokering switching between two calls the number of the active partner is briefly displayed. You have two options: a Accept the second call Press I to accept the second call. Page Call Forward A call can only be forwarded if at least one user has been defined! Every user can forward calls to up to three freely-selectable telephone numbers.

Several types of call forwarding are available: Call forwarding unconditional All incoming calls are always forwarded immediately A Call forwarding no reply Incoming calls are forwarded if they are not replied to within 15 seconds N Page 33 You can park a call, for up to 3 minutes, and carry on the call on another telephone.

It is even possible to unplug the telephone once the call is parked and to plug it in at another socket on the same ISDN connection to continue the conversation. Page Special Characters Park code programming Each user can program their own park code if they do not wish to use the park code 1 defined in the terminal.

Press I. Page Special Characters Special characters are used for entering a number in the directory and the speed-dialling memory. These special characters allow additional information to be stored with the number. This allows you to activate specific functions by keying in codes such as for the remote control of an answering machine. The subaddress allows equipment which supports subaddresses to be remotely controlled.

Eurit 22 does not evaluate subaddresses. For details please refer to the relevant section in your PBX operating manual. When used with a PBX, keypad information allows PBX functions to be controlled and services to be activated or deactivated in the exchange.

Enter the digits to be used as an exchange access code for external calls. Page Call Transfer By Going On-Hook Call transfer by going on-hook During an enquiry call you can connect the other two parties call transfer by replacing the handset going on-hook. To program this function proceed as follows: Press. With some systems e. Page 43 Number Name Menu point user-dependent Page 46 Your telephone is covered by a month guarantee from the date of purchase.

Keep the receipt as proof of the purchase date. Within the guarantee period, Ascom will repair free of charge all defects caused by faulty material or manufacturing errors, and reserves the right to choose whether to repair or replace the faulty telephone. Acoustic signals Listening by loudspeaker LOG memory


*Eurit 33 e - Auric

Eurit 33 and Eurit 33 plus provide digital telephony for the. And Ascom Eurit 33 and Eurit 33 plus provide digital telephony for the demanding user. Advanced technology makes it possible: A single telephone and up to five users each have their own programmable telephone connection. With personal telephone number, individual settings, even their own personal announcement on the answering machine.


ASCOM Eurit 22 Operating Manual



ASCOM Eurit 22 Manuals


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