We are each a consciousness in a body. We each decide what to think and what to feel. We choose our perceptions, and our perceptions create our reality. Our perceptions are the subjective way we interpret all of the information coming into our consciousness from the world around us.

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Uh-oh, it looks like your Internet Explorer is out of date. For a better shopping experience, please upgrade now. Javascript is not enabled in your browser. Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site. Learn how to enable JavaScript on your browser. NOOK Book. The author explains how healing the symptom needs to involve not only releasing the tension on the physical level, but also letting go of the stressful way of interacting with the environment.

Thus, the process of healing always implies a process of transformation. Within the concepts of his Body Mirror System, Brofman explores the chakras and their role in the body, including their associated vibrations, parts of the body, senses, layers of the aura, and areas of consciousness.

He explains how to clear and connect the chakras, how to connect to the cosmos through the chakras, and how engaging with thought forms, time travel, and past lives can assist in healing sessions. Discussing the healing of others as well as self-healing, Brofman describes how to heal with chakras, thought forms, white light, and love, and how to perform distance healing.

He provides practical energy exercises and chakra meditations, allowing the reader to imminently experience the healing energy in their bodies and prepare for a healing session. He also includes color reference guides, such as a chakra healing chart.

Actively practicing for more than 30 years, his healing system is now taught worldwide. Since , his wife, Annick Brofman, and the Body Mirror System instructors continue the legacy of his work within the Brofman Foundation around the world. Read an Excerpt Chapter Healing with White Light Here, you as the healer will use White Light as the model of wholeness, or wellness, to create the perception that the healing has happened.

When you have imagined that the subject is filled with White Light, that will trigger the perception that the subject is healed. White Light is used for healing because of all of its positive associations with purity and spirituality. In addition, White Light represents wholeness because it contains all of the colors of the spectrum.

Wholeness is wellness. When we think of a fluorescent tube, we see that when the energy flows through the tube, it glows. Then, White Light can also represent energy flowing freely, which fits well with our definition of healing as returning to the experience of wellness through release of blockages. If White Light represents energy flowing freely, then energy not flowing freely is represented as shadows.

When the subject is being filled with White Light, if shadows are seen, you should know that these simply represent tensions, and that more White Light should be shone on them. When light meets shadow, all that remains is light. The tensions were those that existed either in the consciousness or the physical body, or both. The shadows dissolving show the tensions dissolving. If you do not, you must adjust your perceptions until they are in accord with what you know to be true on the physical level.

Then, starting with that, the shadows can be dissolved and the tensions released, and the healing can manifest. White Light Healing Practice In the classic White Light healing, see that the subject is seated comfortably, feet flat on the floor, hands open and relaxed in the lap, and eyes closed. Naturally, the subject will not be wearing eyeglasses or other prosthetic devices. Then, seeing that the subject is open and ready for their healing, you can begin with the Healing Starting Position, described in Section V.

Feeling the energy in your hands, you know that you are in the ideal state of consciousness in which to feel energy, and in which a healing can happen. Then, decide that what you feel is White Light radiating from your hands. While it is not necessary to the process of healing, touching the subject does provide a feeling of reassurance to the subject, and also opens certain levels of direct communication between you and the subject.

The sense of touch, is associated with the Green Chakra the Heart Chakra , and the aspect of relating to the person inside the body.

It is emphasized here that the touch is light, and that there is no pressure, and no physical manipulation involved in this type of healing. When your hands are glowing with White Light, imagine that you are filling the subject with this light, through the shoulders, up into the head, and then down through the body to the toes, also filling the body and the arms out to the skin. If you sense that it is difficult to enter the body and therefore the consciousness of the subject, communicate this silently, spirit to spirit, to the subject.

Will you please open so that I can help you in the way I know how? If there is still resistance, acknowledge that, and let the subject know that they need to work with another healer, or in another way, or at another time. Shop 1 Books 2. Read an excerpt of this book! Add to Wishlist. Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Members save with free shipping everyday! See details.

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Anything Can Be Healed : The Body Mirror System of Healing with Chakras

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Anything Can Be Healed: The Body Mirror System of Healing with Chakras

By Martin Brofman and Anna Parkinson. It was only because I was diagnosed as being terminally ill with a tumor in my spinal cord and given one or two months to live that I was stimulated to research the relationship between my consciousness and my body in order to heal myself. I decided to work on myself, using techniques of relaxation, visualization, positive thinking, meditation, and affirmations that I had learned through a program called the Silva Method. During this time, motivated by the need to heal myself, I also explored Eastern religions and esoteric philosophies, and Western psychology, as well, searching in every area that could provide any information I could use to save my life. After two months of working on myself, I was rewarded by hearing the doctors declare that they must have made a mistake. There was no longer a tumor, or any symptoms. When my own healing was complete, I began teaching others the self-healing tools I had used, sharing the insights I had gained during my own process.


Anything Can Be Healed

Anything Can Be Healed. Martin Brofman. This is a book for the rest of the population, those who are occasionally or frequently plagued by dis-ease, be it minor or major, acute or chronic. This is a how to book filled with techniques that can be used by anyone professional healers, practitioners, therapists and their clients alike. Martin Brofman has developed a system of healing that effectively and seamlessly blends Western psychology and Eastern philosophies. His groundbreaking work on chakras and their connection to both mind and body allows us to read the body as a map of the consciousness, tracking routes from symptoms through to causes and then working with them.

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