In this, the introduction to Skinput place a real interface totally different Touch-based technology. The Skinput is Technology provided by Microsoft Company that turns the body into a touching interface. The technology helps in dominant the mobile application with the utilization of skipping faucet. Each piece has its own options to make the various sort of vibrations. This skin-Touch interface provides the users with facility of use of their hands and arms as a touch-screen.

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Lost Password? New Reply. Thread Rating: 0 Vote s - 0 Average 1 2 3 4 5. Threaded Mode Linear Mode. Guest Guest. What are the advantages and disadvantages of Skinput Technology? Posts: 11, Threads: 0 Joined: Feb The Microsoft company have developed Skinput , a technology that appropriates the human body for acoustic transmission, allowing the skin to be used as an input surface. In particular, we resolve the location of finger taps on the arm and hand by analyzing mechanical vibrations that propagate through the body.

We collect these signals using a novel array of sensors worn as an armband. This approach provides an always available, naturally portable, and on-body finger input system. We assess the capabilities, accuracy and limitations of our technique through a two-part, twenty-participant user study.

To further illustrate the utility of our approach, we conclude with several proof-of-concept applications we developed. Skinput: Advangages and Disadvantages Skinput is a new technology that will turn out skin into a touchscreen interface menu for our portable devices such as our cell phone or MP3 player.

Advantages: easy to access when your phone is not available allows users to interact more personally with their device larger buttons to reduce the risk of pressing the wrong buttons through the use of a sense called proprioception after user learns where the locations are on the skin they will no longer have to look down to use Skinput reducing people looking down at their phone while driving It can be used for a more interactive gaming experience Disadvantages Currently there are only five buttons.

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Skinput: Turn Your Body Into a Touching Interface.

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Skinput is an input technology that uses bio-acoustic sensing to localize finger taps on the skin. When augmented with a pico-projector , the device can provide a direct manipulation, graphical user interface on the body. While other systems, like SixthSense have attempted this with computer vision, Skinput employs acoustics, which take advantage of the human body's natural sound conductive properties e. Microsoft has not commented on the future of the projects, other than it is under active development. In , it was reported that this would not appear in commercial devices for at least 2 years. Skinput has been publicly demonstrated as an armband, which sits on the biceps. Like speech recognition systems, the Skinput recognition engine must be trained on the "sound" of each input location before use.


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