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We determined the relationship between peritonsillar infection and molar caries. Methods: In a cross-sectional study, 33 consecutive patients whom referred to Hamadan university clinic of otolaryngologic for peritonsillar abscess were examined by otolaryngologist and dentist who investigated relationship between peritonsillar infection and molar caries.

Results: There were 27 males and 6 females with mean age The frequency caries on ipsilateral peritonsillar infection sides was in relation to molars caries on opposite sides conterol group. This corrolation was significant with odds ratio 2. Conclusion: Molar caries were seen 2. In the pre-antibiotic era, deep neck infections had been associated with tonsillitis and pharyngitis but recently, poor dental hygiene and drug abuse have become the most common causes of them. It has been known that microbial pathogenesis of peritonsillar infection and periodontal disease is the same.

Anatomy of tonsil and lower third molar are in close relation to microbiology of peritonsillar infection and periodontal disease, and caries act as reservoir for peritonsillar abscess In the developed countries, the incidence of dental caries in young population has been decreased, and periodontal disease was more important than dental caries in young and early adult ages.

In the developing countries, dental caries are common and may be related to peritonsillar infection. This study determined whether a relationship existed between peritonsillar infection and molar caries. Subjects and Methods In a prospective study, 33 patients with peritonsillar infection were studied. They were referred to otolaryngology department of Hamadan university hospital, Iran in A dentist examined molar caries and scored those regarding involved dental surfaces as; 1 mild , 2 moderate and 3 severe Table1.

Scaling results were compared by t-test for paired differences. Discussion Traditionally, peritonsillar infection had been thought that occur in patients with recurrent tonsillitis, chronic tonsillitis and rarely in infection mononucleosis 7.

Its pathogenesis, as described in textbooks, is a direct communication and progression of acute exudative tonsillitis. However, more recently researches have shown that its origin may be from weber glands accessory salivary glands of tonsillar fossa rather than extension from acutely inflamed tonsil 8,9, At the first time in , Fried and Forrest found a relationship between peritonsillar abscess and severe dental caries or periodontal disease The frequency of patients with tonsillitis combined with pharyngitis or with all respiratory tract infections was significantly increased during two weeks before acute pericoronitis and one week after it.

During the first week after third molar extraction, respiratory tract infections was significantly increased Leung et al reported that the micro flora of pericoronal pockets of symptom free lower third molars resembled the spices causing gingivitis and periodontitis Also, the relation between peritonsillar abscess and periodontal disease has been shown Perhaps in developing countries, dental caries is more common than periodontal disease in young adult population. We conclude that molar caries associate with peritonsillar infection.

Also, dental hygiene and decrease of dental caries can prevent peritonsillar infection. However, more studies are needed for causal relationship and further description. Results There were 27 males and 6 females with mean age of From 33 patients, 29 and 4 patients had right and left peritonsillar infections, respectively 66 mandibular molar sides.

One patient had diabetes mellitus and another had third molar extraction of peritonsillar infection side, three days before admission.

In other words, molar caries sides was 2. References 1. Odontogenic peritonsillar abscess, thrombosis of the internal jugolar vein and cavernous sinus and sepsis. Vesh Otorinolaryngol May -Jun; 3 : Presentation and management of neck abscess: retrospective analysis. Laryngoscop ; Virolainen E and others. Deep neck infections. Int J Oral Surg ; 8: Brook I. The clinical microbiology of welder's ring.

Otolaryngol Clin North Am ; In Cummings, editors. Peritonsillaitis: evaluation of current therapy. Arch Otolaryngol ; Matschke R G, Plathp P. Clinical histological and bacteriologic findings in peritonsillar abscess. Laryngol Rhinol otol ; 66 9 8. Matsuda A. Ear Nose throat J ; 81 6 ; 9. Investigation of the infectious route of peritonsillar abscess. Distribution of minor Salivary glands in the peritonsillar space.

J Med Assoc Thai Mar; 84 3 : Passy V. Pathogenesis of periyionsillar abscess. Laryngoscope Feb; 2 : Para pharyngeal and peritonsillar infection following mandibular third molar extraction.

Refuat Haped vehashinayim Oct; 18 , Gal P, Slavaska E, Kirnery. Dental etiology of peritonsillar abscess. Cesk Otolaryngol Jan; 37 1 : Bacteriologic finding in peritonsillar abscess in young adults. Clinical infection Dis ; 16 suppl4 : Respiratory tract infections and concomitant pericoronitis of the wisdom teeth. BMJ ; Microbiology of the per coronal pouch in mandibular third molar pericoronitis. Oral Microbiol Immunol ; George Glass, et al. The association between dental disease and peritonsillar infection: A prospective study.

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Report this Document. Description: jurnal tht. Flag for Inappropriate Content. Download Now. Related titles. Carousel Previous Carousel Next. Jump to Page. Search inside document. Key Words: Peritonsillar abscess, Infection, Periodontal disease, Dental caries JRMS ; 11 2 : eritonsillar abscess is the most common deep neck infection that may be complicated by Para pharyngeal infection. In the developed countries, the incidence of dental caries in young population has been decreased, and periodontal disease was more important than dental caries in young and early adult ages In the developing countries, dental caries are common and may be related to peritonsillar infection.

Journal of Research in Medical Sciences Vol. Documents Similar To pericoronitis. Rawzh Salih Muhammad. Tyler Verry. Yahya Al Omary. Tasia Deastuti. Treisi Yamilet. Hometown Publications - Express News. Anonymous Sb7suHTW. Zean Train.


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NCBI Bookshelf. Gunjan Gupta ; Rachel H. Authors Gunjan Gupta 1 ; Rachel H. McDowell 2. Peritonsillar abscess, also known as quinsy, is the localized collection of pus in peritonsillar space between the tonsillar capsule and superior constrictor muscle. It was first described in the 14th century and became more extensively known in the 20th century after the antibiotic era started.


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