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Bursa Suq Al-Sila’ Commodity Trading Platform Launched

Malaysias position as an Islamic financial hub was further solidified with the successful commencement of trade on the worlds first, end-to-end Shariah-compliant commodity trading platform. This fully-electronic platform, called Bursa Suq Al-Sila, is an international commodity platform that is able to facilitate commodity-based Islamic financing and investment transactions under the Shariah principles of Murabahah, Tawarruq and Musawwamah. The launch commodity is Malaysias star product, crude palm oil CPO. The trading in Bursa Suq Al-Sila today follows the recent signing of Memorandum of Participation between Bursa Malaysia and over 26 commodity suppliers, financial institutions and trading participants three weeks ago. The essence of Bursa Suq Al-Sila, which embraces the commodity Murabahah concept, involves one party buying commodity at a certain cost and selling it to a customer at a cost-plus-profit basis.


(Bursa Suq Al-Sila)

We have clear, comprehensive and accessible rules which govern, among others, the listing of issuers and products on our markets, and the obligations of the issuers post-listing, the trading, clearing and settlement of our products, the admission and post admission obligations of our participants. Table of Contents. Chapter 1: Definition and Interpretation. Chapter 2: Administration. Chapter 3: Participantship. Chapter 4: Trading Rules. Chapter 5: E-Certificate.


Note: Trading close on public holidays and other market holidays when the Exchange is declared closed by the Bursa Malaysia Committee. To promote Malaysia as the international hub of Islamic finance, Bursa Malaysia has established an Islamic Markets team BSAS is a commodity trading platform specifically dedicated to facilitate Islamic liquidity management and financing by Islamic financial institutions. Bursa Malaysia- i is a fully integrated Islamic securities exchange platform with comprehensive range of exchange related facilities

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