Can anyone tell me what this means?! CIPAV are your pension provider but this may change soon. The line you quote is explaining your cotisation rate. Cotisations are charged at different rates according to activity and which caisse you come under.

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Thursday 04 June Expat feed. This was in His words had the opposite effect. Without the bank's support, Maura has been running a small but successful agency ever since.

An increasing number of British and Irish people of working age are moving permanently to France and many inevitably consider setting up a business. Setting up a business in France is a long and, some would say, tortuous process: there is no one body to give you an overview, but several organisations which deal with different elements, and it's up to you to find them.

Arriving in France and expecting an immediate start is unrealistic. Julie Johnson, a Scottish glass-blower has set up her own business and shop, Verglass, in Paimpol, Brittany. It took her several months to complete the preparations.

This was Julie's second attempt at enterprise creation in France. The first as a mobile glass-blower was unsuccessful, probably because she was naive about what was involved and did not have sufficient capital behind her.

There was a business plan to formulate, a bank loan to secure and a dossier to complete to allow her exemption from social security payments for the first year. According to Julie, this dossier [ACCRE] is the longest and most complex administrative stage, and the accountant has to check the figures in it thoroughly. The dossier is a particularly important stage in the process as social security payments in France are extremely high and a business with no initial exemption is likely to founder.

The next step is to decide which organisation you will have to address concerning administrative formalities - this depends on your type of business; and which regime ie what kind of company you will be, this depends on how much money you will earn. Julie, as a craftsperson, is affiliated to the Chambre de Metiers and Maura's language agency to the Chambre de Commerce et d'Industrie.

You do not have to cope with the process of setting up your own business alone, in fact you would be foolhardy to try. To help her set up, Julie enlisted the expertise of the Boutique de Gestion, an organisation with offices all over France which provides training and advice to would-be entrepreneurs.

Hiring professionals is another way of relieving the pressure when setting up. According to Maura Lee, you need a legal advisor or a solicitor to do the statutes, "you can do it yourself but it is extremely complex. And all this costs loads of money. Maura initially set up as an association, a non-profit organisation which under certain circumstances can operate money-making activities and employ staff.

Certain advantages are inherent, for example tax breaks, and in some instances, exemption from some social security payments. Maura was advised by her accountant to transform her association into a SARL societe de responsabilite limitee, like an incorporated company when she diversified her activities, and started making some money, in order "not to get into trouble with the taxman".

Often, the difficulties do not end once you have set up your business. Social security payments and tax are very high in France compared to in the UK and many businesses fail once their initial exemption period is over.

Entrepeneurs also have to buy a compulsory insurance policy and are "encouraged" to subscribe to a private one by persuasive salespeople, to cover health care, maternity and sick leave, and so on. The tasks associated with the day-to-day running of a business, such as filling in pay slips, are also complex.

According to Maura: "It changes all the time. If I was to keep abreast of all the changes, I would have to work full-time on this alone.

One way in which some expatriates have avoided the costs and complexities of establishing a business in France is to set up an off-shore company, which operates in France but has its headquarters elsewhere, somewhere with lower taxes and less complex employment laws. However, this option did not make practical sense for Julie and Maura as full-time residents in France. As well as considering the ethics of this kind of behaviour, reaping the benefits of the gallic market whilst avoiding its regulations is perhaps unfair on your local competition , it is worth taking into account negative feelings this is likely to inspire in your French counterparts.

In resorts like Chamonix anti-British feeling has lead to hostile graffiti and tense relations as seasonally-operated British-owned businesses employing British staff have contributed to rising local unemployment, plus rising property prices.

If the French system is largely to blame for this kind of behaviour, as it does not make it easy for people starting a business or taking on staff, the social advantages France offers are arguably a valid reward for these constraints. As elsewhere, success is mostly down to working hard. Expat Wealth. Telegraph International Money Transfer.

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How to create your business on

Whatever the sector of activity and the legal status of the business you wish to create, guichet-entreprises. You can now do everything without leaving your home or office, securely and via a single interface, even if yours is a regulated activity. Once complete this will be passed on to the competent authority for processing. They are the front-line points of contact for businesses and act as an interface with the various administrative authorities. You will then need to fill in the form displayed the fields followed by an asterisk must be completed :.


Formulaire de demande d'ACCRE et notice

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