Toggle navigation USC. To learn the basics of Animal Anatomy oriented to the clinical procedures, the animal husbandry and the food hygiene and alimentary industries requirements. At the end of the course, the student will be able to identify the body systems and their constituent parts, to localize them in the living animal and to perform a dissection. History and concept of Anatomy. Anatomical terms and planes. Body regions.

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Natan C. Carvalho 2. Bruno L. Anjos 3. Santos 4. Postal , Uruguaiana, RS , Brasil. A laringe de C. Cerdocyon thous crab-eating fox is the most common wild canid in South American territory. The aim of this paper was to describe macroscopic, microscopic and comparative morphology of the larynx of this species. Analyses of larynges of sixteen specimens four males and twelve females revealed the topography, conformation, morphometrics, intrinsic muscles and histological characteristics.

The larynx was positioned ventral to the axis and comprised one cricoid and one thyroid cartilage hyaline , one epiglottis elastic and a pair of arytenoids mixed. A pair of sesamoid cartilages was identified between the corniculate processes and the cricoid lamina. Morphometry revealed that thyroid cartilage was the largest. There were no conclusive signs of sexual dimorphism in the larynx of this species. Squamous stratified epithelium predominated and underwent transition to ciliated pseudo-stratified at the level of caudal thyroid and rostral cricoid portions.

By comparison, larynx of C. As 23 medidas foram adaptadas dos trabalhos de Wysocki et al. Palato mole P. Todas as laringes de C.

Hematoxilina e eosina. As cartilagens aritenoides apresentaram-se pares, com forma irregular e compreenderam os processos cuneiforme, corniculado, vocal e muscular Fig. O curto processo corniculado limitou dorsalmente a entrada da laringe. A cartilagem tireoide foi a maior da laringe.

A cartilagem cricoide formou um anel completo Fig. Em Didelphis sp. O aparato hioideo de C. O osso tireo-hioideo articulou-se dorsalmente com o corno rostral da cartilagem tireoide e ventralmente com o osso basi-hioideo. As aritenoides de C. Tayama et al. No presente trabalho optou-se por seguir o protocolo de medidas de Wysocki et al. As medidas das cartilagens tireoide e cricoide de C.

Tuohimaa et al. Observou-se que a epiglote de C. Segundo Bertassoli et al. Deste modo, os processos corniculados curtos das aritenoides de C. Em Dasyprocta sp. Oliveira et al. Por fim, pode-se inferir que a laringe de C.

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Observationes anatomicae de instrumento Vocis mammalium. Charuta A. Evaluation of sexual dimorphism in horses on the basis of the morphology and morphometry of the larynx.

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Rhinol Artmed, Porto Alegre. Larson J. Movement of the epiglottis in mammals. Maue W. Cartilages and ligaments of the adult human larynx.


Anatomia de los animales Domesticos -Tomo 1 - Konig.pdf

Historically, they have been part of human culture and mythology for millions of years. In medicine, the structure and function are inseparable as the basis and foundation this science and art together are basic subjects in medical training. The cougar is one of the big cats are known for their ecology, reproduction and aspects of nutrition. However, aspects of their anatomy are very general. Is likely to be a protected animal, which could only be obtained and preserved for study only under special conditions, is preferred to standardize their anatomy such domestic cat. Was conducted classic dissection of the lower limbs of a specimen of adult male cougar, which took place on different topographic regions of the lower limbs of this sample.


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Anatomia de los animales domesticos / Anatomy of Domestic Animals



Anatomia Animales Domésticos Tomo by König Liebich


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