Devulapalli Venkata Krishnasastri 1 November — 24 February was a Telugu poet, playwright and translator. He was born in Ravuvari Chandrampalem and was brought up in Pitapuram in a family of court-poets. He grew interest in English literature while he was in his high school. Krishnasastri started writing poetry from a very young age.

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Malayalam novelist By K. George Translated by G. Lalitha Pp. Talugu writer Author and Translated by, E. Nageswara Rao Pp. Kannada scholar and poet By G. Kapse Translated by Rajeshwari Diwakarla Pp. Telugu writer by Takkolu Machireddy Pp. Telugu writer By Raghavendra Patil Pp. Venkata Reddy Pp. Manoja Pp. Telugu writer By M. Kannada poet By A. Moorthy Rao Translated by P. Dakshinamurty Pp. Social reformer By K. Raghavendra Rao Translated by K.

Mohan Pp. Telugu writer By Dr. Patanjali Sastry Pp. Sanskrit poet By K. Krishnamoorthy Translated by P. Sriramachandrudu Pp. Telugu writer by T. Koteswara Rao Pp. Bengali novelist By S. Sengupta Translated by D. Ramanuja Rao Pp. Ananthalakshmi Pp. Kannada saint poet By H. Tipperudraswamy, Translated by B.

Singaracharya, Pp. Lakshmiramanna Pp. Sudarshanam Pp. Sanskrit poet By G. Bhat Translated by Sriramachandrudu Pp. Bhaskaran Translated by L. Swamy Pp. Somasundar Pp. Chaganti Krishna Kumari Pp. Telugu writer By Velaga Venkatappaiah Pp. Malayalam novelist By T. Sankara Menon Translated by K. Ranganadhacharyulu Pp. Narasimha Rao Pp. Manikya Rao Pp.

Telugu writer by I. Srikanta Sarma Pp. Kannad writer by C. Kumar Swamy Translated by A. Sai Prasad Pp. Telugu writer By Bhoosurapalli Venkateswarlu Pp. Telugu playwright By P. Appa Rao Pp. Telugu poet and critic By D. Anjaneyulu Translated by M. Chalapati Rao Pp. Telugu writer by Akkiraju Ramapathi Rao Pp. Anandaraman Pp. Telugu writer By Papireddy Narasimhareddy Pp.

Telugu writer By R. Urdu poet By M. Mujeeb Translated by K. Gopala Krishna Rao Pp. Telugu writer By H. Brahmananda Pp. Gora Shastri, By G. Chakradhar Pp. Telugu social-reformer and writer By V. Marathi novelist and story writer By R. Joshi Translated by V. Ramachandra Pp. Telugu writer By Muktevi Bharathi Pp. Prasad Pp. Srinivasacharyulu Pp. Anjaneyulu Pp. Marathi saint-poet By P. Deshpande Translated by N. Gopi Pp. Ramalingam Pp. Telugu writer By Pervaram Jaganathan Pp.

Tamil poet By S. Telugu writer By Polapragada Rajyalakshmi Pp. Telugu writer By C. Rajagopala Rao Pp. Telugu writer By S. Laxmana Murthy, Pp. Sadasiva Pp. Katyayani Vidmahe Pp. Telugu writer By Mukti Bharathi Pp. Malayalam poet By K. George Translated by D. Telugu writer By Sripaada Krishnamurthy Pp. Telugu writer By Singamaneni Narayana Pp. Telugu writer By Rapaka Ekambaracharyulu Pp. Telugu writer By U. Narasimha Murthy Pp.

Bapuji Pp. Tamil Saiva saint-poet By G.


Best of Devulapalli Krishna Sastry

Devulapalli Krishna Sastry was a voyager, carrying in his hold — love, torment and tonnes of grief. At every port, he has shown this luggage without shame and without any sense of embarrassment. His poetry is a robust self-defense. The arguments he presents on his behalf.


Poetically yours, Devulapalli Krishna Sastry

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Krishna Paksham Book PDF by Krishna Shastri – Free Download Telugu Books


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